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Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Might Have a New Camera Feature called ‘Artistic Live Focus’

Samsung has filed a new patent for a new smartphone feature called Artistic Live Focus. The application is filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. One can draw a few quick conclusions from this new patent. Since the next big release for the Korean company is going to be the Samsung Galaxy S10 series phones in February next, this patented Artistic Live Focus feature could be seen on these phones.

An Improvisation of the Existing Feature?

Experts are quick to point out that Samsung’s smartphones released recently have been featuring a camera feature called Live Focus. Now that the company has applied for a fresh patent, it can only be interpreted to mean that the new feature would be an improvement on this feature. When the camera is focused on any background and an image clicked, this feature will permit the user to do some manual editing. The image could be changed to show the background in a blurred form and the main object being highlighted. This is just an interpretation since no details are available from the company on what this feature is capable of delivering.

It’s a Technology for the Smartphones

But Samsung has not left any doubt in anyone’s mind what this patent for Artistic Live Focus feature is for. The application file for patent states that it is a kind of computer software for the processing of digital images in smartphones.

This development again takes the focus to the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10 phones in February 2019. In particular, the camera section is receiving a lot of attention. The three variants will have 2 and 3 camera setups with one of them speculated to sport a quadruple sensor setup even. The technology and features surrounding the camera function is bound to be of immense interest to the trade and the Samsung fans alike. Most other brands are delivering different user experiences to the users. One of the much talked about devices at the top end has been the Google Pixel 3 as far as the camera is concerned. Samsung will obviously try to deliver something unique to the customers and try to earn the bragging rights.

It is quite possible that a lot of these speculations will be put to rest at the MWC 2019 when the whole world’s focus will be there and Samsung’s executives could take to the podium and reveal all.

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