Samsung Galaxy S10 Render Reveals What the Flagship Smartphone is Going to Look Like

Even though Galaxy S10 is scheduled to launch in 2019, Samsung fans are already enthusiastic about it. Galaxy S10 is definitely the most highly anticipated smartphone of 2019 and therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that there are hundreds of tech experts who dedicate their time to finding information about the smartphone.

On the downside of things, Samsung doesn’t want to reveal anything about the upcoming flagship smartphone. The reason why Samsung is not keen to talk about Galaxy S10 is that the company is getting ready to launch Galaxy Note 9 during next month and it doesn’t want to get customers a reason to keep waiting for Galaxy S10 to launch instead of purchasing Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Render

The folks at DBSDesigning have created a render which reveals how Galaxy S10 will look like and it’s breathtaking. The render looks incredible and it features a cool looking all-screen display that’s equipped with an embedded speaker, in-display fingerprint scanner and an innovative triple camera system that is mounted on the rear side.

We should mention that all the features which are being shown on the unofficial Galaxy S10 render have been confirmed in previous leaks. Therefore, the press render from DBSDesigning is the closest thing that we can get to what Galaxy S10 is going to look like.

All-Screen Display

The design feature that stands out the most in the render is the beautiful all-screen display. Samsung started the trend of equipping smartphones with all-screen displays when it launched Galaxy S8 and the tech giant is taking things to the next level with every new Galaxy S model that comes out.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook mentioned in an interview that his goal is to create an iPhone that looks like a simple sheet of glass. Well, it looks like Samsung is pursuing the same goal and that it’s one step ahead of Apple.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung has been ridiculed for not being able to install an in-display fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S9, but it seems like the tech giant is determined to give fans what they want. A recent Galaxy S10 leak showed that the smartphone will ship with this feature and the folks at DBSDesigning have made sure to include it in the render they created.

The in-display fingerprint sensor doesn’t only make Galaxy S10 look better than ever, but it also makes it easier for people to unlock the smartphone, especially since the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor caused people to touch the camera lens by mistake.

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