Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 9, Pixel 3XL and OnePlus 6T Latest Improvements

Samsung Galaxy S10, Note 9, Pixel 3XL and OnePlus 6T Latest Improvements

The Android Circuit brings you all the available news about Android devices. Read below to find out about Samsung’s Galaxy S10 revolutionary fingerprint scanner, how Fortnite and Samsung managed to do something together, Google’s Pixel 3XL leaks, and the confirmation of the OnePlus 6T.


Samsung continues to develop the ease of use of the fingerprint sensor. The Investor managed to come across some details, which are very specific. You will be able to scan your fingerprints on the screen of all three of these upcoming smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The two more expensive Samsung devices will come with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen, while the budget-friendly option will feature an optical fingerprint sensor placed beneath the screen.

Fortnite + Samsunge = Love?

When the Galaxy Note 9 was launched, Samsung let us know that we have a certain period to be the first to play Fortnite on an Android device. However, this time frame was shorter than we expected, lasting for just 3 days, but it still managed to make headlines with both Fortnite and Samsung.

Also, Samsung has worked together with Epic Games on a Fortnite skin. The teams teamed up and managed to create a Galaxy Skin for all the Note 9 users if they can unlock it. You heard right, only the Galaxy Note 9 (or Galaxy Tab S4) users can use this skin, so you better be one of them.

Google Pixel time

Google’s Pixel 3XL is expected to launch officially on the 9th of October, which is five days later than we previously heard. Forbes’s Carly Page stated that:

“so says Bloomberg, which in a report detailing Apple’s incoming 2018 iPhone lineup, notes that Google’s Pixel 3 smartphones will debut a month later on 9 October – debunking earlier rumours of a 4 October launch.

…It’s unlikely Google will have many surprises in store, as a number of leaks – allegedly fuelled by the sale of Pixel 3 XL devices on the Russian black market – has revealed almost all there is to know about the Android Pie flagships”.

The Pixel 3XL will apparently be the biggest smartphone available, raising concerns that Google has perhaps gone too far. The 3XL will be larger than the iPhone X Plus, bigger than the Galaxy S10 and larger than the Note 9. Apparently, Google suffered a leak and we now know that the Pixel 3XL will have an immense 6.7-inch display.

The OnePlus 6T

We still don’t know much about this OnePlus 6 replacement; however, the Oppo R17 release allows us to guess that OnePlus’s next release will have a smaller notch, waterproofing and an improved camera. That’s because the two brands have a close relationship.

However, we managed to obtain some form of confirmation. Chris Smith, from BGR, had this to say about the OnePlus 6T:

“ was filed last week with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), and mentions a OnePlus A6013 that can only be the OnePlus 6T. EEC documentation revealed a few days ago that the Huawei Mate 20 will launch with Android Pie on board. Before that, someone found six new versions of the Apple Watch Series 4 in regulatory filings Apple filed with the EEC”.

What is the news on Samsung’s folding phone?

Samsung officials spoke with The Investor in their home country of South Korea. They told this publication that no immediate plans for mass-production are made concerning the foldable screens which are crucial in making the innovative Galaxy F folding device. We know, this must come as a surprise for a lot of you.

Recently, the company’s CEO, D. J. Koh told the media that Samsung is on the race of providing a game-changer in the smartphone market. He also said that the company doesn’t intend to lose the title of being the world’s first.

From then until now, something must have changed, because now Samsung is either delayed or has completely called off the mass-production of the folding device. They have probably repositioned the phone as a niche product in order to still conquer the world’s first title. However, the fans have been hyped up with the news of its proximity and now there is probably a lot of disappointment among them.



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