Samsung Galaxy S10, Nokia 9 and Google’s massive Pixel leak

The Android Circuit brings you all the available news about Android devices. Read below to find out about Samsung’s secret Galaxy S10 plan, how Fortnite and Samsung tried to do something, Google’s Pixel 3XL leaks, next week’s Nokia release and how Google tracks your location through Android.

Fortnite + Samsung = Love?

When the Galaxy Note 9 was launched, Samsung let us know that we have a certain period to be the first to play Fortnite on an Android device. However, this time frame was shorter than we expected, lasting for just 3 days, but it still managed to make headlines with both Fortnite and Samsung.

Google Pixel time

The Pixel 3XL will apparently be the biggest smartphone available, raising concerns that Google has perhaps gone too far. The 3XL will be larger than the iPhone X Plus, bigger than the Galaxy S10 and larger than the Note 9. Apparently, Google suffered a leak and we now know that the Pixel 3XL will have an immense 6.7-inch display.

Samsung’s secret S10 plan

No, it’s not Fortnite, they already did it. It seems that Samsung will bet big on the S10’s camera lenses. It is pretty clear from what they chose to incorporate that the South Korean giant will put a big accent on photography to market their next big product. It will have a telephoto lens which enables for a 3X optical zoom and its wide angle lens will allow for high-quality photos regardless of the zoom level.

The OnePlus 6T

We still don’t know much about this OnePlus 6 replacement; however, the Oppo R17 release allows us to guess that OnePlus’s next release will have a smaller notch, waterproofing and an improved camera. That’s because the two brands have a close relationship.

The Nokia 9

On August 21st we expect the launch of the Nokia 9. Although we didn’t have a clear announcement from Nokia saying what we should expect, it sure sounds like a flagship launching event.

Mischievous Google

Finally, Google was revealed to be able to track you down through your Android device. This comes from an investigation from Associated Press. Your Android and iPhone smartphones can store your location data even if you are using a private software.

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