Samsung Galaxy S10 Newest Gorgeous Pictures Leaked

Today we will be talking about a number of new images that have surfaced online which show the redesigned Samsung Galaxy S10. As most of you are aware by now, the S10 is the most expected smartphone of 2019. Critics and fans alike are raving to hear all about the most recent news regarding the device. Today we will focus on giving you a detailed view of what we know so far, focusing most of our discussion on the new leaked concept images of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Concept Images

We finally have our hands on the new leaked concept imaged, and we cannot wait to tell you all about them. As you can probably see, these images show a purple-hued which has an in-screen fingerprint sensor. As it has already been mentioned, this sensor was meant to arrive with the Note 9, but production difficulties made the South Korean company push this technology back for the release of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

What we are more than excited to see is a triple-lens camera on the back, one of the first camera setups like this that Samsung is deciding to market. Another interesting design choice is a transparent back which will allow you to see inside the handset and take a look at how its insides are made.

All of these features will shape up the device to become one of the best high-end smartphones of 2019. We will be highly interested to see how other brands will face up to this challenge and what other improvements they might add to their smartphones as to not fall back and lose customers to the Korean tech giant.

The triple lens camera setup is not the first of its kind that we have seen by now on the market. This feature debuted with Huawei P20 Pro, which came up with what most critics call the best camera on a smartphone device available on the market at the moment. A similar setup is rumored to come with Apple’s iPhone X2 Plus.

Fingerprint sensor wise, Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the first to come up with an in-screen one on the market. Some people have argued that the ultrasonic technology on which the sensor is based on is too expensive, but we will have to wait and find out the exact price tag that the South Korean company is going to place on their next line of devices.

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