Samsung Galaxy S10 New Prominent Display and Thin Bezels

We do not have to spend a lot of time on any store that sells smartphones to see that there is a definite new trend making its way across all devices. We are talking about how almost every company is striving to have a device with a more prominent display and bezels as thin as possible. This is all part of a new design trend which is looking for a screen-to-body ratio in smartphones that getting bigger and bigger.

Since Samsung is one of the biggest competitors out there and the brand is well-known across the globe, it is no surprise that they will be striving to have the best smartphone with the thinnest bezels out there. Since the Note 9 is almost out, the focus now resides with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 which is going to be released next year. Today we will be talking about the small trick that the South Korean company will be using to get a smaller screen.

“Sound on display” Screen

The biggest piece of technology that Samsung is planning to introduce with their latest flagship smartphone will undoubtedly make the screen-to-body ratio of the smartphone even bigger. We are talking about the “sound on display” screen which is supposedly going to act as a speaker as well. The source from which we heard this seems to suggest that the South Korean company is likely to embed this technology with the S10 to minimize the bezels a bit more.

Of course, this type of technology, which makes the display act like an earpiece, able to capture sound, will not entail that the smartphone won’t have speakers anymore. They could be placed on the side of the device very easily. This will help free up more space for the display of the smartphone.

If we think of the fact that Samsung is going to add the famous under-screen fingerprint sensor and this new “sound on display” screen, the device is shaping up to be a total attraction which might make it the best smartphone of 2019. Of course, it is still a long way before the smartphone is going to be released, but it seems that the South Korean company is hard at work trying to implement as many new technologies as they can with this device. Release date wise, the possible date when we will finally see the S10 in action might be the CES conference which is set to take place in January of 2019.

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