Samsung Galaxy S10 New Leaks About Its Sound and Sensors

Samsung Galaxy S10 New Leaks About Its Sound and Sensors

Based on the latest leaks from Samsung, we can assume that the company focuses on changing their phones’ design.

The South Korean tech giant discussed its plans for the next year during an event for partners in China. One of its plans includes the selfie camera to be hidden behind the screen. The technology Samsung uses is evolving, and if they will also mount the fingerprint into the screen, it means that they are getting better at innovation. Apple will surely feel attacked and feel the need to improve as well.

What is the latest leak of Samsung?

According to Ice Universe, a user on Twitter (@universeice), which is well-known for providing us with accurate leaks and information about devices, the leak has the origin in Shenzhen, China. The event from where it comes from was supposed to be attended by a certain group. Unfortunately for the company, but amazing from us, one of the people in the group managed to snap some of the slides that were shown there. The information from those slides is valuable.

The slides do not refer to the Galaxy S10 in particular, but they reveal what the company has in their pipeline for 2019 when the S10 is likely to be released. It is impossible not to see some of these new features integrated into Samsung’s phones of the future.

As last year’s best phone was considered to be the Samsung Galaxy S9, even though it did not bring much from its predecessor, it seems like Samsung was just keeping the innovation for its 10th-anniversary phone.

What can be expected from the Galaxy S10?

Some interesting features are included in the slides. The most interesting ones are the acronyms HoD (Haptics on Display), FoD (Fingerprint on Display), UPS (Under Panel Sensors), and SoD (Sound on Display). Even though some of these innovations are already part of their competitors’ phones or even theirs, we still can’t say that this is not something we do not want to see.

Fingerprint on Display – While Samsung wants to reduce the bezels of their phones as much as possible, the devices are almost made entirely of the screen, which means that the fingerprint must be under it this time as when it was located on the rear of the phone it did not have a good impact over users. According to the hints provided by the slides, the fingerprint sensor will move its place again to the front and on the actual screen. Apple has also given fingerprint sensors up and included facial recognition instead which unlocks the phone. We would not mind seeing that in Samsung phones as well.

Sound on Display – Taking the fingerprint sensor aside, another option to make phones as bezel-less as possible relies on the speakers of the phone. As we already know, they are essential for every design, but including some powerful ones into a sleek phone can come as a design challenge for many. This kind of technology might make physical speakers disappear, as they will be placed on the display as well.

Under Panel Sensors – This is the most significant feature of all four. This is what phone manufacturers have been waiting for. Everybody knows what the notch is, right? If not, take a look at one of the most recent phone reveals, and you will see a black section that gets into the screen and harbors the camera. The first one to come up with this idea was Apple, and then it got copied by the others. However, not everybody did that.

Alternative solutions have also been found including the pop-up camera of Oppo. Samsung would be allowed by UPS to get the camera under the screen. There are a lot of benefits that should be taken into consideration. If Samsung is the first to implement this kind of technology, it will no longer look at Apple and other companies as enemies. Patents for this technology were applied by Samsung in the past as well, but it might be next year when we will see it.

It is sure that Samsung is keen on bringing us the phones of the near future.



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