Samsung Galaxy S10 – Most Significant Mass Market Phone with In-display Fingerprint Reader

The famously accurate analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has come back with better and stronger information, with a new report revealing Samsung’s most significant changes for its 10th anniversary Galaxy S10. This is a proof that Samsung never stops thinking about improvement.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Improvements

Kuo, who is attained by Business Insider, says that the Galaxy S10 will make two big and different steps in becoming better than ever: the Galaxy Note series will become the most significant mass market phone the company has ever manufactured, and it will be the device from Samsung which for the first time ever will come with an in-display fingerprint reader.

Now, let’s see the situation’s details. Regarding the sizes of the phone, Kuo agrees that Samsung mimics Apple’s new iPhone range precisely by launching three models with display sizes of 5.8-inches, 6.1-inches, and 6.4-inches. Contrary to Apple, the entry-level model will measure the 5.8 inches.

Even though the public expects Apple’s biggest new iPhone to be a 6.5-inches model and not a 6.4-inches one, The Bell, a consistently reliable Korean site, thinks it will actually be 6.46-inches while the most massive Galaxy S10 (the ‘Galaxy S10 Plus’) will be 6.44-inches. To sum up, there will be such a little difference between the Apple’s and Samsung’ rival devices that it will not even be detectable.

According to Kuo, the Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint, or fingerprint on display(FOD), he made a statement that Samsung will take advantage of the ultrasonic technology for the larger two models while, the cheaper Galaxy S10 will replace the fingerprint reader on the side. Unfortunately, this is not such big news. GIS and O-film are the producers of FOD, and they are using a Qualcomm design as a base.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Technology

Kuo also adds that the two premium Galaxy S10 models will be “aggressively” marketed by Samsung around their in-display fingerprint readers. This is not as confusing as it seems, given Apple’s claims the iPhone will not feature this type of technology but instead of the FOD, it will be relying on Face ID. Samsung does not give up on this idea either as it looks ready to match thanks to an all-new 3D mapping sensor in the Galaxy S10’s facial recognition.

In addition to this, with the Galaxy S10 following disappointing sales of the Galaxy S9, Samsung looks to have its mojo back. Kuo predicts that Samsung will have sales of 40M units at the start of an ambitious 2019 for the South Korean company because the Galaxy S10 is merely the side-show to an even more innovative phone.

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