Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Not Get That 5G You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Not Get That 5G You’ve Been Dreaming Of

The next generation of super-fast mobile data, 5G, is right around the corner with crazy-fast networks and might take off next year. The bitter part is that this network has its own vocabulary of buzzwords and tech jargon that are thrown at us by the wireless industry executives with no second thought.

What is 5G?

To make this subject more casual, let’s learn the definition of 5G: It is the fifth generation (5G, duuh) of cellular technology which aims to offer the public better coverage, speed, and responsiveness of wireless networks. Do you want to know how fast? Between 10 and 100 times faster than what you are used to, and also way faster than that fiber-optic cable you might have getting into your house. To make it easier for you to understand, in a matter of seconds you will have those season’s of Stranger Things downloaded.

Samsung will not miss this chance

According to The Bell, a South Korean publication, Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released both in 5G and 4G variants, or at least this is what Samsung aims for. Samsung, as well as Apple, might launch its own trio of Ses, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10 Lite. However, the only phone which would get the 5G option is Galaxy S10 Plus.

As expected, it will not be easy for Samsung to make the Galaxy S10 Plus suitable for the 5G network. The phone will need four to five additional antennas, and because of that, the price will grow from the 4G’s version. In order to not raise the prices of all the phones in the trio, Samsung will offer this option only to its premium phone.

5G will not be your average connection according to carriers such as Verizon and AT&T which already got the coverage for 5G settled; more carriers are on their way to do it too. Now the next step is for phone manufacturers to make their phones suitable for the connection.

Usually, February or March is Samsung Galaxy S series’ month of lunch, but the giant tech mentioned S10 would not be the first to get a 5G network.

The head of the South Korean company, DJ Koh, said in a statement at its global Unpacked event that they are working with Korean telcos in order to launch in the country the first 5G model, but based on ZDNet, it will not be the Samsung Galaxy S10. The 5G service will launch in March 2019 in South Korea.

Rumors confirmed

The CEO did not miss the chance to announce that Samsung is working on that foldable phone we keep hearing about. It is not too far in the future, but Koh did not confirm that it will be the first Samsung device to get 5G.

You might have also heard that the company might merge the Note and S series together, but Koh denied that it would happen before 2020. He said, “For the immediate future, there won’t be a change in launching the S series in the first half and Note series in the second half of the year.”

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus flagships are the predecessors of Galaxy S10 which might be launched during the next year’s Mobile World Congress Show as it has become a tradition for the company to make its announcements regarding the Galaxy S series there.

As the Galaxy S10 will not get the 5G network, maybe the foldable device will.



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