Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Face Serious Competition After Its Launch

According to a new report, the Samsung Galaxy S10 might be facing more competition than what was expected after its launch next year. If tradition is to be kept and followed, the Galaxy S10 is expected to be announced and released sometime next year, probably at the start of the year.

Samsung has apparently invested a lot for substantially upgrades to be made in the hardware department. The Investor recently released a report which cited a source within the industry. According to them, Samsung will release three devices during the Galaxy S10 launch and all of them will feature state of the art technology.

Besides the standard S10, we are also expecting the arrival of the Galaxy S10 Plus. The third variant is rumored to represent the cheaper choice and it will probably let go of some premium features in order to justify its smaller asked price. According to this publication, all of the three devices will boast a fingerprint scanner which will be embedded inside the front glass.

Higher End Products

There are differences between their authentication mechanisms, of course. The source, who claimed to be familiar with Samsung’s technical plans, said that the higher end products are believed to feature an ultrasonic in-screen scanner, while the affordable phone will make do with an optical sensor.

Despite the differences in the hardware component, both types of sensors would allow for quick unlocking, although the truth must be said about the ultrasonic scanner, which might provide more security and accuracy.

The news is sufficient to make almost any smartphone fan jiggle with joy and excitement, however, Samsung’s flagship phone might have to face more competitors than what was initially expected. A reason might be represented by Samsung’s other bold plan, the one which consists of the South Korean tech giant’s release of a foldable phone.

According to a recent declaration from CNBC, the revolutionary device is expected to be shown off later this year. During an interview with D. J. Koh, the CEO of Samsung’s mobile arm, the news regarding the foldable smartphone was released. Apparently, Mr. Koh was quoted as saying that it is the time to deliver the new device.

However, no specific details regarding the forthcoming hardware were given, or they were too few and insufficient to form a concise opinion. Still, the boss of Samsung was very eager to offer details about how the foldable device should be used.

When speaking with the American outlet, he stated that most of the uses can be performed in the foldable status and when you decide that you need to browse or see something, then you would have to unfold it. When asked what benefit would the unfolded phone give when compared to a tablet, he said that if there is no notable difference in the experience regarding both types of devices, then nobody would buy it.

That’s why every feature, innovation or device must come with a meaningful message which would reach the end customer and when the said customer would start using it, he or she would understand why Samsung made that product.

Another piece of news comes from ET News, the South Korean news outlet, which recently revealed the supposed size of the new foldable phone’s screen. They insisted that Samsung’s innovative device will boast a screen measuring 4.6 inches, which will be placed on the rear, allowing you to use the device even when it is folded.

However, the magic functionality of this device will allow it to reach 7.3 inches when it would be completely laid out. This is why the foldable device might capture audiences because everyone would want such a flexible device.

According to the current predictions, Samsung is believed to make the device in a limited number, in order to not overexert themselves and to make sure that it will catch the customers’ eyes. However, this strategy is used only to begin with, in time Samsung hoping to mass-produce it.

Right now, it is believed that Samsung would start with a retail price as high as $1,500 or £1160.47. We expect this phone to arrive sometime next year, although we don’t know yet if its release date will coincide with the one of the Galaxy S10.

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