Samsung Galaxy S10 might come with an Outstanding Camera Resolution given by the 48MP Sensor

Samsung is preparing to celebrate the Galaxy line’s 10th anniversary. What better way to do that if not through the launch of a smartphone which will revolutionize the tech market? The company has their hopes up for the new Galaxy S10, a device that could easily end up on the top of a most-wanted list.

The phone is still ”under construction”, but most of its features have leaked through various sources

So far, Samsung hasn’t confirmed any rumor connected with the S10’s features, but it looks like the device will come with innovative specs that make it a high-end ”toy”. They won’t spare any effort when it comes to Galaxy S10, because they want to give users a special treat for their anniversary. Most likely, the South Korean manufacturer is trying to regain the fans’ trust after the S9 line didn’t have the expected success.

It’s no wonder that fans can’t wait to get their hands on what seems to be the last decade’s smartphone! When you are teased by the idea that a mobile can bring so much innovation and modern tech right in your palm, all you can do is imagine how the product will actually look like.

For starters, let’s summarize what we know so far. Rumors say that Samsung Galaxy S10 will help users see the world more colorful, thanks to its gradient color scheme. Also, it will bring 5G connectivity, in-display reader and many more.

Manufacturers might introduce cool camera sensors, so this feature is under the spotlight nowadays

If the features mentioned above didn’t convince you, maybe photographers-to-be will find another innovative addition useful. The Samsung Galaxy S10 will cross every border and step on fields previously dominated by others.

So far, the company hasn’t decided what the final product would look like, but are working on more than one prototype. One of the most interesting theories is that Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy S10 with camera sensors. This idea seems a little bit crazy, considering the fact that Sony is this market’s dominator.

As unexpected as it might be, the tech giant has already revealed two image sensors that give multi-camera smartphones a high resolution. The sensors are also known as Isocell Plus and come with different values:

  • Bright GM1 is the one which can be attached to Galaxy S10’s camera and an amazing 48MP resolution;
  • Bright GD1 is smaller but still can do a great job thanks to its 32MP resolution.

Smaller pixels sizes can have an increased performance thanks to the Isocell Plus technology. Since Samsung will release smartphones with four lens cameras, this solution is ideal for them.

The future seems bright

The new technology will help Galaxy S10 users take awesome pictures. In addition, the new device uses Tetracell technology for controlling the new sensors, so the light intensity becomes perfect in every condition.

If you like to take a lot of screenshots with your mobile, the S10 is certainly worthy of your attention. It has gyro-based EIS (electronic image stabilization) and, thanks to it, your photos are more accurate than ever.

The ultra-modern camera sensor is not the only innovative element within the expected Samsung Galaxy S10. Other rumors say that manufacturers might be working on losing the headphone jack with the intention of turning it into a 100% wireless device, just like Apple. This might not be the best idea, because many fans love to connect their headphones through a jack and not by wireless means.

Everything can change until the new smartphone is released. Nobody can predict when it will be launched and Samsung still hasn’t revealed the date or some clues connected to this matter. Until we get to meet Samsung’s special guest to their anniversary party, all we can do is wait and speculate.

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