Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Bring 5 Cameras on Its 3 Models

Too many cameras? Nobody said that.


Everybody knows that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 is due to be out next year but, as always, rumors keep spreading. The Bell, a Koren news site, came up with the rumor that Samsung’s upcoming flagship, Galaxy S10, will be able to support on its body the maximum of 5 cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Details and Rumors

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is expected to come in  3 models, according to the previous report. Information was leaked and people are rumoring that the high-end Galaxy S9 Plus successor will include a triple-lens rear camera, and even a dual-camera setup will be featured on the front of the device.

It is not the first time that Samsung ever boasts a dual-lens selfie camera —two cameras on the front were also feature on the recent Galaxy A8, enabling users to set blurry background bokeh effects while taking selfies.

If the update that we discussed earlier was only used for photographic purposes, than the extra camera on the S10 Plus’ might have been found a different aim? Facial recognition was a runner-up on Samsung’s list of „To improve”, its effort is to at least try to achieve the minimum performance of Apple’s advanced Face ID technology — this extra camera might facilitate this and the goal could become achieved.

In addition to those, Samsung Galaxy S10 is said to have a triple camera while having 3 image sensors, one 16 megapixels wide-angle, a standard 12 megapixels one and a third with 12 megapixels as well, but with optical zoom.


Until sometime early next year, probably Mobile World Congress 2019 being the event where it will be revealed, we still have at least 6 months of waiting. We cannot assume anything even though the Galaxy S10 is already rumored to come with some major upgrades, so sooner or later it is expected that new information might be shared with the anxiously waiting public.

As any phone that is up for sale, Galaxy S10 has its pros and cons helping people to decide if it is worth it or not to pile up their money in waiting for this device. Although it has a great rebooted and attractive screen, a slick new UI and it is powerful, the battery is the same size and the unupgraded camera might make buyers settle down with the old models.

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