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Samsung Galaxy S10 ‘May’ Update Rolls out Night Mode and Live Focus

Galaxy S10 Live focus

The Samsung Galaxy S10 phones are getting better with each new update. The company has been quite busy releasing new software updates. The latest May update is expected to bring better Night Mode to all Galaxy S10 phones. In theory, one will be able to take better photographs even in dim lit or no-light conditions just like how Google Pixel Phones work.

The Night Mode update is not an entirely new one as it was rolled out previously in the April update. However, it was limited to the stock camera app and had some limitations. Users were able to take photos only using the standard lens whereas this new update will finally allow everyone to capture it using the ultra-wide-angle lens.

Software manufacturers and those who make the smartphone cameras do have to think about practical problems when they deal with different lenses. The amount of light the wide-angle lens would allow is usually on the larger side and taking the best photographs in night mode is quite difficult. But we presume the software update should make it better than how it is right now and also improved on what the April update did for the stock camera app.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ phones will also support Live Focus feature as part of the May update. The Live Focus feature has been rolled out to both the ultra-wide-angle lens and the standard lens.

Galaxy S10 Dark Mode

Based on the information received, Samsung will roll out the update for all the models including S10, S10e and S10 plus. It will be bundled within the May 2019 security patch which also includes a slew of security fixes for the phones. Some users had reported that the phone does not function properly and as intended which is why the May patch was postponed a bit, to include the solutions to address these issues. It looks like the company is now ready to roll it out to all users in different regions.

A simple log has been provided which lists the changes made to the camera as well as the security patches required to make your Galaxy S10 safer. Samsung also has to focus on both the Exynos variant of the phone and the ones that are running on Qualcomm Snapdragon. As new issues arise based on the processor being used in the phone, the company has to roll out multiple patches that work and help users get a seamless and exciting experience.

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