Samsung Galaxy S10 May Have Significant Improvements

The rumor machine is working at full speed as new and old Samsung Galaxy 10 discussion threads are spanning several forum threads. Bellow, you will find the hottest rumors and information currently available.

5G support ‘’confirmed’’ by code

A recent thread on the XDA developer forum speculates that 5G will be available on at least one planned device, further reinforcing previous rumors.

It seems that Samsung is planning at least four main variations of its flagship device.  The device is codenamed ‘’beyond’’, as Samsung struggles to keep it as secret.  Analysis of code has revealed the existence of beyond 0(a cheaper alternative and a direct competitor to iPhone XR), beyond 1 (thought to be the regular version), beyond 2 (most likely a more hi-tech ‘’Plus ‘’ device) and finally beyond 2 5G.  Previous rumors already hinted that Samsung plans to release a 5G terminal this year.

Q-variants have also been found, hinting that Samsung plans to include Qualcomm processors in some version of the devices. Both Exynos and Qualcomm chips that support 5G have been previously shown, and the chips will certainly vary according to the target shipping region, which means that the US is almost sure to get the Qualcomm variant.

The focus seems to be the release of 5G devices in countries that already have a well-developed 5G infrastructure, or they will one by the end of the year. While most operators want to jump on the 5G train, the costs are sizeable. And if you do not have a 5G network, buying a 5G device is not really useful, since performance on 4G is the same. This may mean that the first 5G batch will be limited, as Samsung will try to check the demand before committing to mass production.

A complete overhaul

Besides the improved camera, which was impressive and captures amazing pictures, there is nothing that makes the S9 stand out as more than an incremental update. This may have affected the sales of the device as most fans seem to have thought the update to be lackluster.  The Plus version was powerful on its own, but the completion was tough and with a team of three iPhones recently launched it will only get tougher.

Screen size matters

The hottest leaks around the forms suggest that the new line will offer three different size choices, the complete removal of bezels and an interesting 19:9 ratio which bumps the resolution up to 1440 x 3040. At a previous event, Samsung CEO DJ Koh has also mentioned that the devices will have an improved visual design and new color choices.

A photo of a supposed prototype has been circulating, showing a device with almost no bezels, thanks to an improved curved screen. The front camera is also missing, which hints to the possibility of a hidden camera that will come out of the device.  The usual power and volume buttons remain, and to the great disappointment of some fans, the Bixby button is still there. The image has already been contested by a reputable source, so the details remain controversial.

Increased security

While the biometric scanner was impressive, it could not compete with Apple’s Face ID, so security will surely receive a new update. One of the most popular rumors suggests the inclusion of an on-screen fingerprint scanner, which may boost both the security and the convenience of use.

Some sources claim that the device will use the third generation ultrasonic scanner from Qualcomm, making the device competitive with similar devices like the Vivo Nex. The entry-level model will still have an optical scanner, but the accuracy will be improved.

Other sources argue that the smartphone is likely to ditch the not very successful iris scanner in exchange for a better 3D scanner.

Using advanced technology, Samsung may even integrate the speakers and earpiece directly into the screen, which would be a landmark for the series and a significant edge over competitors.

Pretty pictures

Analysts already think that a triple-lens camera will make an appearance, combining a 12MP, 13MP, and 16MP sensors in order to challenge Huawei. Similar to the iPhone XR, the entry-level device will only feature one camera, but an improvement of the S9 sensor should be more than enough for the casual user.

Bring the power

It is reported that at least some versions will use the new Snapdragon 855 processor developed by Qualcomm. Using a 7nm chipset, the processor is more efficient and powerful than the previous iteration.  This means that the S10 could overtake many 2018 smartphones right of the bat.

When it comes to memory, Samsung has already announced an 8GB RAM chip that is up to 1, 5 times faster than the memories currently available on the market while keeping energy consumption low.

New name

The brand may change a little, as is rumored that the new generation will be called Galaxy X instead of Galaxy 10. The chances are slim but Koh has previously declared that they may revise the naming policy at some point.

More juice

Better battery life is also in the talks as Samsung is working on prototype batteries that may have an improved capacity and faster charging rates. They are working on an L-shaped battery that may improve the capacity without sacrificing states, but that is all we know at this point.

The bottom line

If even half of the rumors be true, the new Galaxy lines aim to retake the flagship crown from the other manufacturers.  But until the official announcement comes we can only work with speculations. The official unveiling is planned for January or February 2018.

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