Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite will Receive Security Updates Monthly

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite will Receive Security Updates Monthly

This could come as a big relief to the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. The South Korean manufacturer has now confirmed that these budget devices will receive their Android security updates every month, going forward. The relief is because the general tendency among companies is to treat the budget or lower-priced devices with less seriousness compared to the premium models. The update schedules for phones in these categories used to be once in a quarter. The present announcement directly coming from Samsung is, therefore, a welcome move.

‘Lite’ Phones Come with Reduced Specifications

The concept of launching flagship smartphone models with some reduced specifications is not new. By now, practically every top brand is doing it. Apple has its ‘XR’ model which it has now modified to adding no suffix to the budget model. Google has its budget models distinguished by the letter ‘a’ like the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL. Samsung has been having a number of other models like the A-series, and now the M series phones, which are the budget models. These phones don’t receive the security updates monthly. Even in the basic specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, for example, has no metal or glass body, no water resistance certification and definitely no wireless charging.

Galaxy S10 Lite

It is in light of all these that the announcement on monthly security updates being assured for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite comes as a huge relief.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Not So Lucky

The Samsung Galaxy A71 model will be sent the security update patches only once in a quarter. This is the same schedule that the company has followed for the Samsung Galaxy A51 as well. Some models, like the Samsung Galaxy A70, fall in the bi-monthly schedule for receiving the security updates. The purpose behind keeping the phones updated is that the users should feel secure using them since even a minor vulnerability can result in serious damage being done to the owner of the device.

Another piece of good news for the owners of these three phones, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite, the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and the Galaxy A71 is that they will all be eligible to receive the OS update to Android 11 almost same time next year. This is because they are being released with the Android 10 OS. They may even get the Android 12 in 2022 since Samsung offers two software upgrades.



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