Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite are Now Official

Putting to rest all the speculations found online over the past weeks and months, the South Korean major Samsung has now officially acknowledged the launch of the scaled-down versions of its premium offerings. At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite may give you the impression that they are almost identical. Indeed, the differences are quite a few and similarities very obvious. Here are the details.

The Similarities in Specifications

The display sizes of both the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite are the same. Its 6.7-inch Full HD+ Infinity ‘O’ type. The screen resolution is identical at 2400×1080 pixels. Samsung has added notes to clarify that the display size is measured diagonally and that the camera hole on top and the rounded corners of the shape of the phone must be accounted for while calculating the overall real estate available for viewing.

The camera setups in the rear on both the models have three sensors each and the front camera is the same 32MP.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

The RAM and internal storage are the same at 6/8GB and 128GB respectively. Android 10 OS with the One UI 2.0 is the operating system. An identical 4,500mAh battery powers the two models.

The Differences in the Models

Samsung appears to have kept the Galaxy S10 Lite a level above the Galaxy Note 10 Lite in a few places. The processor, for instance, is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 in the Galaxy S10 Lite while it is the in-house Exynos 9810 in the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has a wide-angle 48MP sensor flanked by a 5MP macro lens on one side and a 12MP ultra-wide sensor on the other. The sensors are placed in a rectangular bump in the rear.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite, on the other hand, sports a 12MP wide-angle primary sensor with another 12MP ultra wide-angle camera and a 12MP telephoto lens for support. The smaller sized shooters have enabled Samsung to have a smaller square-shaped bump in the phone’s rear to accommodate them.

In the display department, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite has a Super AMOLED Plus display while the one on the Galaxy Note 10 Lite is described as just Super AMOLED.

Another significant difference is the inclusion of the S Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite in line with the premium Note series smartphones from the Korean company. The Galaxy S10 Lite does not include a stylus pen.

The two smartphone models are being released in different color options as well. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite can be picked from Prism White, Prism Black, or Prism Blue. The Galaxy Note 10 Lite will come in colors of Aura Glow, Aura Black, and Aura Red.

With these similarities and variations, the prices for these two models have been indicated for the European markets. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will retail at €649 ($724) while the Galaxy Note 10 Lite will be priced at €599 ($688). It is not sure whether the same levels of retail prices will be maintained in the US market too when the phones are launched here as well.

These details have been made official just ahead of the CES2020 but the date of their launch has not been indicated yet.

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