Samsung Galaxy S10 Line Around the Corner – Google Pixel 3 Revealed Design

Today we would like to talk about all of the most recent news coming from Samsung in the past couple of days. Yes, we are aware that some of you might already know some of these pieces of information, but you might find something that will surprise nevertheless. Since Samsung is a giant tech company known worldwide for its quality smartphones, it is only natural that they are in the limelight when it comes to news about their recent smartphones. Today we will be focusing on the three new Galaxy S10 models, the Pixel 3 design which was just revealed.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Line

When people think of the S10 line, they expect the South Korean company to follow already existing trends that we have seen with past models, such as the S9 or the S8. However, it looks like we might have to throw away what we thought was the real deal in favor of what Samsung really has in store for their new models. We will have a third model of the S10, not just two as we previously got used to. We now know that apart from the S10 and S10 Plus we will also have a third model that we do not know that much about at this point.

Google Pixel 3 Design

Google tried to keep things under a tight leash when it comes to news relating to their latest smartphone, but it looks like some things have escaped without their notice. One such thing led the internet to finally have their hands on some renders of the smartphone that looks so realistic they might rival the images of the actual device. This all happened since the tech company left some renders for the Pixel 2 on their website and the watermark on them matched the watermark on some recent Pixel 3 renders, which ultimately gave them the validity they needed.

Most users are more than excited to see that Google is planning on having the Pixel 3 XL jump to a screen of 6.2-inches. Of course, others might not be so happy since a bigger phone does not really imply that it is a better phone. Regardless, the two smartphones will come in sizes that are incredibly similar to those of their predecessors. This will all be done due to the smaller bezels which can be found on the Pixel 3 line up, by making them smaller as the user now has a bigger screen.

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