Samsung Galaxy S10 Leaks with a Unique Fingerprint Reader

People are more than excited to see all of the recent pieces of information surrounding one of Samsung’s biggest upcoming smartphones, namely Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung Galaxy S10. Today we will be focusing our attention on the long-awaited in-screen fingerprint sensor that people have continuously been talking about for the S10. We finally have something official.

Samsung patent leak

The under-screen fingerprint reader has been leaked in what looks to be an official document for the South Korean company. We are certainly going to see it with the S10, but we do not think that we will use it with the Note 9. The release date for the note 9 is just months away which meant that the smartphone has already been finished and that is now going to enter the production line. Since the Galaxy S10 is going to come in February of next year, it is more likely that the manufacturers that Samsung is collaborating with will have the time to embed this technology for the production line.

Now, a patent leak has recently surfaced online. It states that the fingerprint scanner will be placed on the front end of the phone, slightly under the display glass. This scanner unit will be using a physical button that it’s a bit under the screen of the device.

This would allow for an even bigger Infinity Display. The screen to body ratio is going to be even bigger than it was with previous models. We are talking about a 90 percent screen to body ratio. Since Samsung has decided to combine the physical and virtual button modes, this suggests that the uses for these buttons will likely vary. They will probably be used as multi-tasking buttons or even volume rockers. When these buttons are not used, they will just blend in with the screen and become invisible, making for even more screen space.

The workings of the under-screen fingerprint sensor are not yet clear to us. What we do know is that Samsung is going to forgo including the under-screen fingerprint sensor for the Note 9 this August and save it for the S10, as we briefly mentioned before.

Last but not least, the front-facing camera is going to use the screen integration tech to the fullest. This will allow a part of the camera to be covered which correlated to more screen space for your display, for you to use it at your leisure.

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