Samsung Galaxy S10: Infinity Display and A Triple-Camera Setup

Samsung Galaxy S10: Infinity Display and A Triple-Camera Setup

Samsung Galaxy S10: Samsung Galaxy series will celebrate ten years of existence on the smartphone market in 2019. To commemorate this event, the South Korean tech giant will launch a unique Galaxy S10 flagship phone. Even though it might seem early to discuss the S10 device, many rumors emerged online about it. Here’s everything we know about Samsung’s anniversary Galaxy smartphone, according to the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks.

Even though the press is now focused on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F, the first folding smartphone of the South Korean company, Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks are also emerging on social networks, especially, which, honestly, excites all Galaxy enthusiasts out there.

Four Types of Infinity Display Presented by Samsung

At the recent Samsung devs meeting, the South Koran tech giant presented its latest types of Infinity Display. So, we have an Infinity-O screen (showing a hole for the front camera), Infinity-U (boasting a U-like shape instead of a notch), Infinity-V (presenting a V-like notch), and New Infinity which is a panel with virtually no bezels.

As for the leak that S10 would boast a camera under the screen, “the hidden camera technology under the screen is immature, and there is not enough light to reach the camera through the screen. The photos taken by the current camera are very blurred. This technology will not be realized until 2020,” explained Evan Blass.

According to some Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks, the anniversary device might come out with an Infinity-O display.

Would Galaxy S10 Come Out With a Hole Instead of a Notch?

According to some recent rumors, Samsung Galaxy S10 anniversary smartphone would launch with a hole for the selfies camera instead of the common notch. However, there’s nothing sure about that rumor as Android Authority reported that Infinity-O design would come implemented on the budget S10 device, the so-called Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite.

Therefore, regular Galaxy S10 and the S10 Plus device might launch with the New Infinity display which presents very thin edges and no notch, pleasing the fans of the South Korean company more than the other screen designs.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Would Boast A Triple-Camera Setup

Galaxy S10 might launch with a triple-camera setup on its back, following the example of some other major manufacturers in the smartphone industry, such as Huawei. However, Samsung is not a newcomer in boasting three cameras on a device, as the recently released A7 2018 came out with such a feature.

Under the Hood Specs of the Future Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung revealed nothing about what’s inside the next year’s S10 flagship. However, the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks talked about the implementation of the next-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset which would come with 5G compatibility.

Besides, the future Galaxy S10, the Samsung’s anniversary smartphone, would come out in several variants, two of them boasting 6 Gb of RAM and 8 Gb of RAM, respectively. As for the internal memory, the devices would come out with at least 128 Gb of storage space, expandable via microSD cards.

Also, the before-mentioned Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite would boast 4 Gb of RAM and 64 Gb of internal storage, according to Android Authority.

Alternative Rumors About Samsung Galaxy S10

At this moment, it’s not possible to know for sure which rumors are correct and which are not. Many leaksters came out on Twitter posting their “inside information” regarding Samsung’s anniversary flagship, Galaxy S10.

For example, Ben Geskin reported that S10 would come out with a “flat Infinity-O display, dual camera, side-mounted fingerprint sensor, 4+64GB / 6+64GB / 6+128GB, Snapdragon 845 or 855.”

Besides the Ben Geskin’s statement, Evan Blass, another renowned leakster, reported that Samsung Galaxy S10 would boast a “punch-hole-style selfie camera cutout (sounds like Infinity-O display), ultrasonic, in-display fingerprint sensor, three rear cameras (standard/wide/tele), and One UI over Android 9 Pie.”

As we can see, the Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks are different, depending on who publishes them. However, we tend to trust Evan Blass who has managed to leak correct inside information during the time, including rumors regarding either Samsung or Apple devices.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date

While there’s no official statement in this regard, taking the last years’ model, Samsung might present the future Galaxy S10 device at the MWC 2019 conference at the end of February.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Prices

According to some Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks, the anniversary flagship smartphone of the South Korean tech giant would come out in three variant, a standard Galaxy S10, a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and a Galaxy S10 Lite version.

While we know nothing about the prices of Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus models, the latest rumors voice that the so-called Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite model would come out at a price between $650 and $750, meaning that S10 might have a higher starting cost than the Galaxy S9, this year’s Samsung’s flagship.


Although these Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks might excite you, you should take all that with a grain of salt as it is too early to talk about the next year’s Samsung Galaxy flagship. However, we believe there’s something right among all those rumors.

In short, Samsung Galaxy S10 would roll out in three variants, including a high-end one, S10 Plus, and a budget device, Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. Also, we think that the S10 plus option will indeed boast a three-camera setup on its back and a New Infinity display.

In conclusion, 2019 would be an exciting year for Samsung as the South Korean company would launch its 10-year anniversary smartphone, the Galaxy S10.



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