Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Leaks and Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Leaks and Rumors

From what we know so far, Samsung Galaxy S10 is about to be announced for the start of the next year. Even though there is still some time ahead until this happens, leaks do not stop to come.

As we already got used to the method the South Korean tech giant uses to name their Galaxy S series, there is no doubt that Galaxy S9’s successor will be called Samsung Galaxy S10.

Many tech specialists or simply Samsung fans have predicted that Galaxy S10 will change the game with Samsung’s product line thanks to the improvements it will have.

A so-heard rumor suggests that just like Apple, Samsung will make the hardware into three variants for the year to come.

If Samsung decides to do so, this would be a radical change because the company would usually release their devices from the Galaxy S series in two sizes.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Versions

When Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 were launched, they arrived in the Plus version and the smaller version. The Plus version featured a bigger battery and obviously a larger display.

In addition to the Plus and regular variants, it is rumored that Galaxy S10 will come in a budget version as well. The same strategy was used by Apple with its iPhone XR.

According to The Investor’s recent report, the fingerprint of the three models awaited will be mounted under the display of the devices.

If that happens, the Android flagship phones will provide users with a new way of unlocking their devices, and no scanner will be needed again.

The same source which got its information from unknown sources, suggests that the Galaxy S10 budget version will be equipped with an optical sensor, contrary to its other two siblings of the trio which will feature ultrasonic in-screen readers.

According to industry insiders, optical readers are not such good quality compared to the ultrasonic fingerprint scanners which are also more accurate.

At the moment, Sam Mobile is even more interested in these flagships to come. This publication has been right with many rumors it brought to the internet which means that the triple-camera setup it estimated the Galaxy S10 would come with might be correct as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

Besides that, the same publication suggests that the Galaxy S10 will be similar to the Galaxy S9 regarding their 12-MP variable aperture main sensor, but it will also have an additional 13-MP lens that will presumably tout telephoto capabilities.

A third camera would offer a 123-degree field of view, according to other leaks. With such a system mounted in the Galaxy S10, users will be able to capture wide-angle shots.

However, LG might be a new rival to Samsung’s flagships as this company has previously offered wide-angle cameras on its flagships and the pictures are just mesmerizing.

Sam Mobile does not stop here. The publication suggests that only the premium version of the possible trio of phones will be equipped with a triple camera setup.

Regarding the budget model, it will feature only one camera, and the standard Galaxy S10 will be equipped with a double camera setup.

Even though the Galaxy S10 is still far away in the future, rumors and leaks do not stop to come, and we do not mind that. It is disappointing, however, that no official confirmations came from Samsung and we can only hope that the most delighting rumors are true or at least close to the truth.

Does this information make you want to wait for the next flagship phone of the Galaxy S series? It sure makes us think only about it.



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