Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Leaks and Codename – Everything We Know So Far

Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Leaks and Codename – Everything We Know So Far

It has not even been that long since Samsung has unveiled its S9 and S9+ smartphones on the market but people seem to be desperate to hear more and more about the specs that Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to have.

This may seem weird for some people but we can understand why Samsung seems to have a spotlight trained on it at all time. Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to mark a decade of the South Korean company’s line of phones that have been marketed off as being a worthy rival of Apple’s iPhones.

Today we will be looking at the information that has emerged about the release date of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+, the specs that these phones will have and we will also discuss something about the rumored foldable Samsung Galaxy X. Read more to find out!

Galaxy X or Galaxy S10?

Right after the South Korean company launched the S9 and S9+, people have started to talk about the company’s next move. Some people believed that Samsung, being such a strong rival with Apple, would decide to name the S10 as Galaxy X just like Apple came out with iPhone X.

However, it looks like the Galaxy X is going to be the first foldable phone that Samsung will market and design. It seems only fitting that they will launch this phone to mark a decade of their constant innovation when it comes to their phones.

South Korean publication The Bell recently found out that the Galaxy X is going to be launched next year. It is rumored to be launched in January of 2019 at the CES convention as the South Korean company’s headliner. It does sound like it is light years away but we believe that the wait is worth your time.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and beyond

When it comes to Galaxy S10, allegedly it has been codenamed ‘Beyond’. We could only theorize that this name is a symbol of the new direction that Samsung is planning to go towards, of new lines of phones that break away from the stereotypical design, introducing new and attractive features.

Production line rumors

The Bell has also claimed that Samsung has already instructed its suppliers to start manufacturing the parts that they need for their phones and for them to be ready until November. This means that until then they will be ready with the structural design of the phone and prepared to start manufacturing them so that they will be available on the market after the phone is launched.

Launch Date

This is by far one of the most important and most exciting things that we could be talking about. It has been said that the Galaxy S10 is going to be launched in 2019 in February during the Mobile World Congress. This does sound plausible since the event focuses on mobile related topics so we could expect to see Samsung launch their flagship phone there. However, we are still waiting to hear an official announcement from the elusive phone company.


We were excited to see how aesthetically pleasing the screen of the S9 and S9+ is so we are wondering what Samsung will do to up that. It looks like they are planning to get rid of bezels almost entirely, with the S10 rumored to come with a screen-to-body ration that will be 93%. This is significantly more than the S9, which has a screen-to-body ratio that was at 83.6%.

The display is bound to be an Infinity Display one. We are more than excited to see the latest feature that we have heard is in the works, namely the in-screen fingerprint sensor which would make life even easier and better than it was before since most phones usually have the fingerprint sensor on the rear end. And who are we to say no to comfort and easy access, even more so when it had to be implemented by completely redesigning this feature?

We were also wondering how big are the phones going to be and we have also found that out. The S10 is going to come with a 5.8 inches display while the S10 Plus will have a 6.3-inch display, meaning that they will be roughly the same size as the S9 and S9 Plus were.

Other features

When it comes to the processor, we have heard that Samsung wants to feature a totally new and top of the line processor, probably a new-gen Exynos processor but we do not have its exact name right now.

We will also get to see it have 5G mobile connectivity and support for UFS 3.0. We can also expect the top-notch design to make a return for the S10 as well since Samsung wants to also introduce the 3D depth-sensing cameras that Apple did in order to have the 3D Face recognition technology.


Do not expect a phone that will have this many features and this many high-quality parts to come cheap. We are expecting that the S10 is going to be even pricier than the S9 and S9+ were when they were released. So if someone is already set on owning this phone then we are suggesting that you start to save up already so that you can be one of the first people that will get their hand on a phone that marks a century of innovation and hard work for the South Korean company.



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