Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Information – In-Depth Coverage

Samsung Galaxy S10 Latest Information – In-Depth Coverage

Samsung is already working on its new flagship, the next year’s model of Galaxy S. the Galaxy S9 has recently launched, but it looks like the company really wants to keep itself busy. This year, through the Galaxy S9, we were able to enjoy a great refinement of all the features that have made the S8 special, but we hear that in 2019 we’ll get to enjoy a radical redesign with Samsung’s upcoming flagship. Here’s a quick but in-depth coverage of what to expect from Samsung Galaxy S10.

Name and release date

Let’s start with the most stringent curiosity, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s release date. Everyone’s expecting that Samsung will follow the tradition and announce its flagship sometime during the first quarter of 2019. It will most likely be launched by March. Mobile World Congress starts in Barcelona on February 25, 2019, and it’s possible that the Galaxy S10 will be the grand unveiling. Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S was born back in 2010, Samsung stuck to the name, so the natural step for the 2019 Samsung Galaxy S is to call it Galaxy S 10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specs

Samsung Galaxy S10 could boast an Infinity Display with an impressive screen-to-ratio body of 93%, and its bezels keep on shrinking. It may come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 according to latest leaked info. This would trigger enhanced performance and better efficiency over Qualcomm’s current chipset. In particular markets, Samsung usually develops its own Exynos chip for its Galaxy S line of phones, so this might also be the case again. We can expect more AI processing involved with the next flagship.

Samsung Galaxy S10 features

The Galaxy S9 didn’t have an on-screen fingerprint reader, and it seems that the technology is tested on the upcoming Note 9 even if it won’t be ready in time for its launch. This can only mean one thing – that the Galaxy S10 could be the first Samsung device to feature the innovative technology. Regarding other features, it’s quite tricky to know what Samsung could add to the existing S9 formula. A foldable device is in the works, but it will probably be separate from the main Galaxy S line.

Cameras are in Samsung’s focus and considering that Huawei upped the ante with a triple-lens camera on the back of its Huawei P20 Pro, Samsung may do the same thing or even better. It could come with more lens or more aperture settings, or even better low light performance. Samsung is apparently teaming up with 3D camera startup called Mantis Vision to offer 3D-sensing camera tech for the new lineup of Samsung smartphones, with Galaxy S10 obviously includes.

Regarding the connectivity issue, Samsung Galaxy S10 might allow users go across the web and through the apps faster than ever before. According to latest rumors, the phone will probably be the first one to support super-fast 5G. Galaxy S10 might sport the next0gen 5G technology, according to Weibo user known as Ice Universe who is known for having a pretty decent record when it comes to leaking info. 5G on board would make complete sense considering that Qualcomm and Samsung have recently announced a strategic relationship agreement which specifically mentions the “transition to 5G.”

Samsung Galaxy S10 potential pricing

It’s definitely too early to make assumptions on the Samsung Galaxy S10’s price. Samsung Galaxy S8 was launched at $725 in the US, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 was priced at $720. The price for Samsung’s next flagship will probably remain around the same area of about $725.

We’ll be keeping an eye on more Samsung-related leaks in the upcoming months in order to keep you posted.

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