Samsung Galaxy S10 is Better than its Predecessor

Samsung Galaxy S10 is Better than its Predecessor

A new GPU is worked on by Samsung, and it can be the most innovation for over a decade with its future technology which will also make the Galaxy S9 look like a toy.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will impress you with not only its triple camera and t screen but also with its inside specs.

Samsung is coming up with its GPU (graphics processing unit) which will make out of Samsung Galaxy S10 the best and fastest gaming mobile ever by a pretty long way.

The GPU is not just upgraded; it is a whole new thing which will change your gaming experience including reality gaming which will be improved.

The person who broke the news has not seen such a thing: “This is really a big deal — it’s the first new GPU design in 10 years.”

This design is said to not only be featured on the phone but also in a supercomputer and even airplane cockpits.

If Galaxy S10 gets this next-level GPU, it means that it should improve the virtual reality experience if used for this.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is rumored to come with a 4K Infinity Display which will make the phone’s screen look good even when using with a VR headset.

The smartphone which is on the market right now does not come to the standards of VR users as they have visible blocked pixels.

With this GPU the virtual reality games will work smoother than ever with a significant power rather than the ones available right now.

Unfortunately, this might not come as good news to one of Samsung’s rivals Apple. The company used to offer the best graphics processing units, but if Samsung joins the game, fans might change their plans.

However, Samsung is not the only subject of the rumors as Apple might also be working on its own such GPU for 2018.

The CEO of Intel says the company will also be discreetly releasing its own GPU in 2019 which will be used for PCs.

Microsoft, Facebook, and other company are all in a battle to offer the best virtual reality experience.

After announcing ARKit at WWDC last year, Apple showed how committed it is to improve this technology.

To sum up, if Galaxy S10 will be coming with such a GPU, get ready for a whole new content with another level of immersion.



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