Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: The Phone Scores 325076 Points in AnTuTu Benchmark Listing

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: We had earlier carried details of the three Samsung Galaxy S10 variants under development: Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2. Of these, the phone codenamed Beyond 2, which will be called the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, was subject to the AnTuTu benchmark tests to evaluate its performance over several parameters. The new Samsung phone has come out with flying colors scoring a high 325076, the highest for any Android phone.

Test Done with the Exynos Chipset Fitted

This AnTuTu score has to be seen from the perspective that it has indirectly justified Samsung’s move to fit its own Exynos 9820 chipset on these Galaxy S series phones to be released in February next. Most high-end Android phones sport the tried and tested Qualcomm Snapdragon processors and the latest Snapdragon 845 SoC can be seen under the hood of most of these phones. As reported in these columns too, even Samsung is contemplating the Qualcomm processor for its 5G phone (code: Beyond X), in the same series, to be launched along with these three. And the Exynos 9820 processor has an impressive clock speed of 2.7 GHz. This is pretty high, by any standards. Samsung may feel quite proud of its team coming up with such a powerful processor and give Qualcomm run for its money.



Another interesting factor to emerge out of this AnTuTu report on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus device is that the RAM has been mentioned at 6 GB and the internal storage 128 GB. This is a little intriguing since the earlier expectation was that the S10 Plus, at least, will sport 8 GB RAM. It is possible Samsung may release an 8 GB variant as well. There were rumors even of the S10 Plus coming with 10 GB RAM and the highest 12 GB RAM reserved for the 5G phone with a storage of either 512 GB or 1 TB. The lower S10 and S10 Lite are being predicted to be launched with 6GB RAM and 4GB RAM respectively. One may have to wait a little longer for the air to be cleared on this issue. A couple of more areas that need confirmation are the precise camera setup and the pricing of these different variants.

The OS, Android Pie, version 9 also appears to have held its own in the AuTuTu benchmarks since the high scores cannot be achieved without the integrated performance levels of the processor and the operating system.

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