Samsung Galaxy S10 has a Safety Issue – Company Sending Software Update Patch to Rectify the Problem

Galaxy s10

In an unusual development, a Samsung Galaxy S10 user found that her phone could be unlocked by anyone despite her fingerprint being registered for safe unlocking of the device. Strangely, this defect occurred when she fixed a screen protector that she purchased online. The user Lisa Neilson, a resident of the UK, first tested this with another user, a friend. There again, as soon as the screen protector is fixed, the phone can be unlocked by anyone. The fingerprint unlock safety feature becomes non-functional.

A Low-Priced Screen Protector

Ms. Neilson says she ordered the screen protector on eBay and fixed it. She approached the South Korean company’s customer care over telephone with the issue. She claims whoever spoke to her connected to the phone remotely and finally admitted there was indeed a security breach. She hasn’t heard from Samsung since, though she had been assured that someone would. Ms. Neilson’s fears are that her important financial data in her Samsung Galaxy S10 may not be safe with this snag.

Samsung has meanwhile taken note of this development and has sent out a general advisory to all its smartphone users not to purchase and use screen protectors that are from unauthorized sources. Samsung insists that only accessories authorized by it officially are to be used with its devices.

Galaxy s10

Investigating the Issue; Will Issue a Software Correction Patch

Samsung has also reportedly promised to investigate this bug in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and find a solution. The company may come up with a software patch that will take care of this issue. It has advised users facing the issue to disable the fingerprint unlock feature.

Meanwhile, there are many theories on what might be causing this anomaly. Even some members of the Department of Defense have been roped in to give their opinions. One assumption is that the fingerprint of the user, in this case, Ms. Lisa Neilson, might have got trapped in the gap between the glass surface and the screen protector’s gel. That is just a surmise. Hopefully, Samsung will release a detailed technical report on what caused the defect and how it has tackled the same once the problem is resolved.

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