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Samsung Galaxy S10 gets Features from the Galaxy Note 10 and more with the September Update

Every month, Samsung provides updates for its flagship smartphones and the S series of phones generally receive the updates after the Note series. This month, the update is more than just security patches. This update for the Galaxy S10 brings some of the features of the Galaxy Note 10 into the device as well.

The update is of 590 megabytes, and the changelog is not short at all. The changelog mentions the addition of Live Focus, Augmented Reality Drawing, Night Mode and Super Steady Stabilization features.

This update is applicable on all models of the Galaxy S10, which includes the S10, S10e, S10+, as well as S10 5G. If your version of Galaxy S10 hasn’t received the update yet, you should wait for a few days as Samsung releases Over the Air updates in batches to distribute the server load.

We already know about the Night Mode and Super Stabilization features from the Galaxy Note 10. The Augmented Reality Drawing feature enables users to add AR drawings and messages in videos, and the Live Focus feature lets them apply bokeh effects to simulate portrait mode in videos.

There’s a new video editor in the Gallery app which lets users edit their videos like trimming, joining clips, adjusting the speed and others using different tools that make videos more shareworthy.

The changelog also mentions added support for the Samsung DeX software for PC. Users can connect to their phone wirelessly by installing the Samsung DeX software installed on their PCs. Users can access their smartphone, read and send text messages and send and receive photos between the PC and the smartphone.


The significant update also improves everyday Samsung applications like Samsung Pass and Messages. The update adds more convenience for people to use these apps by adding biometric support to apps. The layout of the messages app has been changed for easy addition of photos and videos. The support for a dynamic lock screen has also been extended to Galaxy S10 with this update.

The major update for the Galaxy S10 is a part of Samsung’s commitment towards its users by providing them with the best possible experience with their smartphones, an engineer at Samsung’s R&D division, JiyoungMun explained.

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