Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Issue: Samsung Says Fix Coming Next Week

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Issue: Samsung Says Fix Coming Next Week

Samsung claims that it has resolved the issue reported by a Samsung Galaxy S10 user from the UK related to the in-display fingerprint issue. The company says it is sending the software update patch to fix the issue next week and has passed on some advice to the users. It now emerges that not just the Samsung Galaxy S10, but a whole host of models will have the same issue.

Samsung Explains the Background

Samsung has put out a statement in the Newsroom page of its website where it directly points to the screen protector for the issue. According to the company, the material of construction of these screen protectors, silicone acts in a way of recognizing the 3-dimensional patters as fingerprints. This leads to the under-display fingerprint sensor to unlock the device. This can happen with the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, the Galaxy Note 10, the Note 10+ as well as the S10 5G models.

Samsung galaxy note 10+

Users Advised to Remove the Screen Protector

Samsung has gone on to recommend that users of all the above devices to first remove the screen protector if they have fixed it. After doing this, they have to remove any previous fingerprint they would have saved in their devices. A fresh set of fingerprints will have to be registered all over again.

Now the software patch to fix the screen protector issue is being sent OTA next week. Till the update is installed, users have been advised not to fix any screen protector.

Have to Do the Fingerprint Registration Again

Once the update reaches your device and gets installed Samsung wants you to ensure that the scanning of your fingerprint is carried out once again. This time, the manufacturer asks users to take care to get the full finger covered from end to end and save the same. This should protect your device from being unlocked by anyone besides you or any other person you have permitted to.

Samsung has not clarified if it is OK to fix a screen protector after the software is updated to handle such issues. In its earlier communication, the company had said only accessories authorized by it should be purchased and fixed/used on its devices. It is relevant to recall that one Lisa Neilson in the UK has first reported this issue after she ordered a screen protector from the e-commerce platform eBay and fixed it on her Samsung Galaxy S10.

These are top-end smartphones and don’t come cheap. It may be advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.



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