Samsung Galaxy S10 Eye-Catching Design with These New Renders

Samsung released the S9 a couple of months ago, and the device received positive reviews. People did not see much of a change design-wise, but there were apparent improvements done to what was under the hood of the smartphone. However, the fact that we have been hearing raving information about the S10 for some time now could mean that some of Samsung’s sells this year may be affected. We already know that the S9 underperformed sales-wise and people are now waiting to see the release of the Note 9 this August.

However, the improvements that the South Korean company is making for their device could imply that this year’s smartphones will be underdogs compared to the next flagship device. Today we will be talking at length about some of the features that have been leaked for the S10 and why this device will revolutionize the smartphone market.

Everything is improved.

The first thing that we would like to talk about is the fact that the Galaxy S10 is said to come with a triple lens camera on the back and even a translucent backplate. By now we have not seen many brands jump and decide to implement three cameras into their new devices. There have been some, of course, but we would like to see Samsung’s spin on this piece of technology.

Another feature that has been long overdue is the in-screen fingerprint sensor on the device. We expected this feature to come with the Note 9, but it seems that the South Korean tech giant has encountered some small hurdles in their design process and they had to wait for a bit in order to perfect this technology. This is why it will debut with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Now, other brands have already implemented an in-screen fingerprint reader. Here we would like to mention Huawei Mate RS which comes with this technology. However, the fingerprint reader works by using light-based sensors which are not always that accurate. Samsung is planning to step its game up by using an ultrasonic fingerprint reader which will not only increase the performance of the device, but it will also make the screen unlock more secure and more accessible.

All in all, we cannot wait for the tech company to release this device. This is said to happen in January 2019. Until then, we cannot wait to see more leaks pop up online which point to the specs of the device.

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