Samsung Galaxy S10 Design Will Resemble Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S10 Design Will Resemble Galaxy S9

Apparently, there are many Samsung employees that wish for the S10 to look as much as possible like the Galaxy S9. This design strategy will more than likely be featured on Samsung’s Android flagships from the Galaxy family if we listen to what an industry insider from China has to say.

What does the source had to say?

Of course, we wouldn’t write anything on such an important subject without properly checking the source’s background. This insider is apparently connected to Samsung’s suppliers of mobile components and we found out that Samsung still hasn’t budged into a certain direction with the Galaxy S10 series’ design.

What it seems to happen is represented by Samsung sticking to a design which they first introduced in 2017 with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy S9 had its design based on how these two previous products looked like and it’s only natural that S10 will borrow major aesthetics from the S9. You mustn’t change what works and Samsung became extremely popular over the last years.

Sticking to what works

The last several devices made by the Korean tech giant featured a display called Super AMOLED. Measuring 18.5:9, these panels will apparently be featured in future devices (which include the S10) as well. Advertised as “Infinity-Displays”, these AMOLED panels are among the few (if not the only ones) that boast a bezel-free design and still manage to become a commercial success.

Because these symmetrical screens, that don’t feature notches, didn’t let them down, the people at Samsung will more than likely continue to incorporate them into their high-end products. That’s another reason or indicator which tells us that Samsung isn’t looking to change a lot with their new product’s design.

Is it risky for them?

The S9 didn’t do very well, compared to how the Galaxy S8 sold and many critics blame this on the lack of innovative progress visible on the Galaxy S9. That’s why, while they plan on sticking to the design, Samsung is expected to incorporate some major game-changers into the S10.


As we said, Samsung Galaxy S10 will bring some of its predecessors’ aesthetics but it will also feature major additions, like a fingerprint reader which will be ultrasonic or a 3D front camera which is able of perceiving depth. It will be launched sometime in the first half of 2019 and it will be available in 3 models.



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