Samsung Galaxy S10 Comes with Fixes Features from Its Previous Model

Samsung Galaxy S10 Comes with Fixes Features from Its Previous Model

The pet peeve roll has already begun.

The Galaxy S9 is generally loved by the public even with its little inconveniences that can be changed for the next model.

This phone’s price is equivalent with the one of 200 Starbucks lattes, so Samsung needs to step up their game if they do not want to lose to lower-price leaders like the OnePlus 6.

Down below you can see a list of things that need to be changed:

The native apps on Galaxy S9 are not

Even though Samsung is excellent at making hardware, the native apps are left in a second place while the company’s competitors come up with innovative ideas to improve them. For example, the built-in keyboard, messaging apps, and browser are not as good as their competitors.

A wake-up call needed for Samsung’s alarm clock

If you are not fast enough to change the Bixby News Briefing into your preferred alarm, you will not be waken up as peacefully as you want.

Although we were used to Samsung being a master of customization, an additional wake-up time for an instance for the weekend will make the app crash and that choice of yours.

Is the zombie screen just a rumor?

Unfortunately, some parts of some Galaxy S9 Plus and S9’s screen do not respond to touch, and you need to repeatedly tap for them to function. At the same time, Apple does not stop improving iPhone X Animoji magic which will be available with Memoji, Apple’s take on 3D emojis.

The Korean company does not close an eye to this and says,”We encourage any customer with questions to contact us directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG” in case of any problem.

AR Emoji really is not that good

Although Samsung tries to keep up with Apple’s Animoji, its AR Emoji is kind of creepy, has limited opportunities of choice and… it is merely unappealing to the eye.

The Galaxy S9’s Bixby Voice button can’t be customized

To open the Bixby Voice app, there is a dedicated button on the left side of the phone, and unfortunately, you can only open and turn off the personal assistant. That inability to replace Bixby with another app gives the user who does not use the personal assistant, inutile.

These little inconveniences can be fixed for the upcoming Samsung phone, so it should not upset the next users.



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