Samsung Galaxy S10 Comes with 8GB Chip and a Faster Performance

Samsungs’ new ultra-powerful chip they have built is going to put Galaxy S10 the first in top fastest smartphones on the market while keeping the phone’s proficiency and high-end features.

The South Korean company has developed a new 8GB chip for mobile phones, and they revealed its success on 17th of July, this Tuesday. This chip paves the way for 5G network and applications powered by artificial intelligence.

The next and most awaited Samsung handset is Galaxy S10 which’s unveiled is expected to take place next year, and it might come with this 8GB chip.

According to a senior vice president at Samsung Electronics, Jinman Han “This development of 8Gb LPDDR5 represents a major step forward for low-power mobile memory solutions.” He also said that “We will continue to expand our next-generation 10nm-class DRAM lineup as we accelerate the move toward greater use of premium memory across the global landscape.”

The South Korean company, Samsung claim that its new chip will be able to transfer 51GB of data each second, the equivalent of almost 14 full-HD video files.

If we compare Galaxy S10 with the original S9, it only has 4GB of RAM, better than its rival iPhone X which has a RAM of only 3GB. However, OnePlus 6 is the only smartphone which has the 8GB feature, and it is mass-produced.

What else we expect from Samsung Galaxy S10 is an under-display fingerprint sensor which uses the technology of ultrasonic sensors to accurately read the fingerprint. Moreover, the iris scanner will be replaced by the facial recognition technology for its camera just like Apple’s iPhone X.

Samsung Galaxy S10 at CES or MWC

Other rumors also claim that the next generation of Galaxy S phones might come in two sizes, 6.3 inches for the S10 Plus and 5.8 inches for the regular version. Samsung has not any information about an actual date of the reveal of its flagship phone, but we guess the host of such an event is going to be whether Mobile World Congress which takes place in Europe in February or Consumer Electronics Show (CES) from Las Vegas at the start of January.

Before starting to count your money for Galaxy S10, keep in mind that 9th of August, the day when the Galaxy Note 9 will be released is closer than ever. Ice Universe, the Samsung leaker, warns us not to expect such a chip from Note 9 because it is too early.

One leak about Galaxy Note 9 is that its design will be no much different from the Galaxy Note 8, the image leaked shows this right.

About the specs of the Note 9, we only know that its processor will be updated into a Snapdragon 845 one with a RAM of 6Gb and at least 64GB of storage.

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