Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera to have its own special “Bright Night” mode

Samsung Developing Technology In-house for Clicking Images in Low-Light

South Korean giant may introduce its own unique low-light imaging technology ‘Bright Night’ on its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 models due in February. Though there are some devices in the market already with decent capabilities of producing top-class images clicked at nights or in poor light conditions, Samsung is reportedly developing its own technology.

Google and Huawei Phones Have Impressive Cameras

While there may be some sporadic issues raised over the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, their cameras and their versatility have come for rave reviews across the spectrum. And these phones sport just a single shooter in the rear. Of particular significance is the ‘Night Sight’ mode for taking pictures in low-light.  Huawei, on its model Mate 20 Pro calls it simply ‘Night Mode’. Ultimately, these deliver the same functionality; that of enabling images to be clicked even when the light outside is poor. There are other technological supports to edit the images after they have been clicked as well.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Bright Night Mode

Samsung Working on its Own ‘Bright Night’

What has now emerged through the APK for the One UI which is built on the latest Android Pie, where there is a string that discloses that a particular ‘Bright Night’ feature is being added to the camera section. This leaves very little to the imagination that Samsung has on its hands a special technology that helps with imaging in the night-like light conditions and it is called ‘Bright Night’. Incidentally, other phone brands, besides the 2 discussed above also have this mode and give different names to it; ‘Nightscape’ (OnePlus)and ‘Night Scene’ (Xiaomi) are some of them.  Samsung would have wanted it to be a little different and is calling it ‘Bright Night’.

Certain to Feature in the Samsung Galaxy S10

It can be said with certainty that this new low-light photography feature would be part of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 phones to be released next year. Already a lot of excitement has been created around the camera section on the three models S10, S10 Plus and S10 Lite to be launched by Samsung. These are expected to have minimum 2 cameras and maximum 4 cameras in the rear. There may be dual selfie cameras too. With this ‘Bright Night’ mode added, the photography features of these phones might become a major talking point while reviews are written after their release.

Rumors have it that the official launch event could be held on February 20, 2019, and pre-orders booked from that date itself while the customers could pick the new Samsung Galaxy S10 devices from the stores from March 8, 2019.

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