Samsung Galaxy S10: Both the Processors will be Used

Samsung Galaxy S10: Both the Processors will be Used

Samsung Galaxy S10: As expected, the next flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10 Lite to be released, will be fitted with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC as well as the Exynos 9820 depending on the market the device is sold in. This is not anything new, at least with many of the Chinese smartphone manufacturers. They would often have two processors, one with a lower ranking meant for the price sensitive markets and the higher, usually Qualcomm chipsets, for advanced markets like the US and Europe. Samsung is going to do it for its flagship 10th-anniversary release smartphone which might appear odd to some, but that’s how it goes.

Code Combinations Released

The above assumption on the 2 processors comes from a Tweet from Roland Quandt in which he says the Samsung Galaxy S10 model is coming in three models:

SM-G970F and G970U

SM-G973F and G973U

SM-G975F and G975U

The inference is the ‘U’ here stands for the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which will be the 845 Soc and the ‘F’ for the Exynos chipset. This would mean that all three variants will have this twin-processor strategy. Quandt has just added that all these devices are under testing.

Ultrasonic Sensor and 48 MP Camera

Ever since the rumors on the next flagship from Samsung started appearing, there has been virtually no end to the information flowing on a daily basis. The display and the notch issues got settled with the confirmation that the design Infinity O has been chosen and it has a tiny round hole on the screen. But it then raised the question of how good it would be for facial ID. It was later confirmed that the facial ID for unlocking the phone is being done away with and a fingerprint sensor will feature. But the larger idea of having an Ultra-Sonic Reader, an innovative idea that will occupy around 30% of the real estate on the main display screen and will, therefore, be much faster in unlocking the phone is now suggested to be another USP of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The other significant piece of information concerns the camera. Some sources indicate it could be a 48 MP sensor, though how much of a support the Snapdragon 845 SoC will be able to offer to this size camera will remain questionable.

This will open up the scope for further information on the new Samsung phone to be unveiled early next year. Keep watching this space.



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