Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone X Plus: The Winner From What We Know So Far

Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone x Plus will definitely compete in the future, each showing off great features. The two big brands have been battling to be on top, and so far they’ve both been reigning the smartphone market.

But we’ll find out how the battle will continue by looking at the Galaxy S10 and the next iPhone X. Apple will launch their iPhone X Plus sooner, but will Samsung steal their thunder later this winter?

Bringing the S iPhone and the iPhone X Plus

This year’s Apple releases will be similar to the ones last year. They’ll present an S iPhone and add the iPhone X Plus to the table. The next iPhones might not come with a home button, meaning that they’ll all come with displays similar to the iPhone X’s.

Since 2017, Apple has had an advantage by introducing a new design with the iPhone X.

But by releasing the Galaxy S10, Samsung could have an advantage over Apple, if they release the new flagship phone with significant design changes. The last time they did it was with the Galaxy Note and the introduction of the Edge Display.

The Samsung Display

A field where Samsung will always win is in the phone components. They can get their hands on displays much faster than Apple and they can always feed their demand for their smartphones and tablets.

Samsung could make a great leap in front of Apple by launching the much-rumored Samsung Galaxy X, the smartphone that comes with a foldable display. Back in 2014, Samsung released their Galaxy Note Edge, with a flexible display, but in 2019, Samsung plans to release a display that can be folded, not just bent.

Even if Samsung gets ahead of Apple, this doesn’t mean that Apple will surrender just because the Galaxy S is more interesting.

As for the names, we’ll stick with iPhone X Plus and Galaxy S10 because, according to the trend, they’re most likely to be called this way.

Bottom line: Samsung could be one step ahead of Apple this time if they present an innovative design, but we’ll call it a tie until we see more features from both flagship smartphones.

iPhone X Plus and Galaxy S10 Release Dates

The release dates are easy to predict for both smartphones because their schedule is predictable. Here are some estimates:

The event when the iPhone X Plus will be release could take place in September, on 11th, 12th or 18th. It will reach the stores on 21st or 28th September.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released on 24 February 2019 and it will be available for purchase on 15th March.

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