Samsung Galaxy S10 and Foldable Galaxy F (X): More Details Have Emerged

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Foldable Galaxy F (X): It is now almost certain that the South Korean company Samsung has made a decision to launch the Samsung Galaxy S10 with the Infinity O display it had revealed last week. Some more details are also being shared online increasing the general interest in the product as far as the market is concerned. Just as Apple Inc has a massive following lapping up anything coming out of the company regarding their products, there are dedicated Samsung fans who want to know what their favorite smartphone manufacturers are up to. Here are some more details on the next flagship from Samsung.

Processor and Variants of the Phone

While there were some doubts on which processor the Korean company would choose for the Samsung Galaxy S10, it appears that it will be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC. However, in some markets and/or in some of the variants, Samsung may settle for the proprietary Exynos 8150 chipset. There has been enough written on the circular cut-out for the selfie camera as indicated on the Infinity O design.

Next, how many different variants will be released of the base Samsung Galaxy S10 model? It is safe to assume now that there will be 3; a 4 GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage, a higher 6 GB RAM with the same 64 GB storage and the third, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB onboard storage.

Do We Know the Pricing as Well?

There are strong rumors on what kind of prices Samsung will sell the Samsung Galaxy S10. $650 to $750 is the range being suggested as far as the US market is concerned. Elsewhere, like the UK or Europe, equivalent prices in the respective local currencies may be fixed as is the norm. In specific markets where there are import duties to be paid, the rates can be higher. These are indicative rates but whoever has made this prediction must be doing it after checking with reliable sources.

To be Released in February Immediately Followed by Galaxy F (X?)

The rumors have even got the possible date of release of the Samsung Galaxy S10; at the MWC in February’ 2019. Now, this may or may not happen because Samsung wants to make a huge statement on its 10th anniversary of the Galaxy series of smartphones. Would it be satisfied with the sidelines of a big event like MWC? Or will the company want to hog all the headlines by holding a mega event in New York or California? One has to wait. Interestingly, if the current indications are to be trusted, Samsung will release the foldable phone Galaxy F or X in March’2019.

Releasing successive models in a gap of a month may not be what the industry has seen in the past. But the other side of the story is with the foldable phone expected to be priced at a steep $1800 or thereabouts, the device may be seen to be slotted at a different level and not compared to the Galaxy S10 in any manner.

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