Samsung Galaxy S9+ and the Galaxy Note 9 – New Known Differences

After it handled the unofficial mistakes (leakages) Samsung has finally launched the Galaxy Note 9 officially. The first competitor which it must surpass is the company’s own Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. For most of us they might seem to be incredibly alike but there are some key differences which we will mention right now.

In terms of display…

Already, the Galaxy S9+ has one of the largest displays, at least for a Samsung phone, although the Note 9’s is even bigger, by 0.2 inches. While the Note 9 wins this battle, the S9+ has the higher pixel density and a bigger screen-to-body ratio as well. That’s why so far, the battle is even.

Although Gorilla Glass 6 is available, the Note 9 comes with the Gorilla Glass 5 version. The Note’s display is brighter and more color accurate, says Samsung, even though the S9+ has also one of the best displays available.


Both phones come with identical cameras. Dual rear cameras with 12 megapixels which switch between F1.7 (good light, quick) and F2.4 (low light, long exposure) apertures and front cameras with 8 megapixels. The difference is that the Note 9 has the ‘Scene Optimizer’ feature which enhances subjects after it automatically recognizes them.


Again, the two phones come with almost identical chipsets. However, the Note 9 will come with 8 Gb of RAM, as opposed to S9+’s reasonable 6 Gb. Another addition to the Note 9 is the ‘Water Carbon Cooling system’ which will keep the device cool when used extensively.


Here we have a clear winner. Samsung Note 9 comes with 4000 mAh, while the S9 Plus has only 3500 mAh. This is really a change, considering that the S9+ hasn’t improved this area over the last 2 generations. This change represents 700 more mAh than the previous Note 8 battery.


In the end, it all comes down to money. The Note 9 sells for $999 (128 Gb) or $1,250 (512 Gb) and although it offers you plenty of storage it is still expensive. The S9 Plus only has 64 Gb and it started selling at $840.

However, since then the price started to fall and now you can come across great deals which will have you in possession of a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus for $650. What Samsung could’ve done is to offer a third model of the Note 9 with only 64 Gb and for a lower price.

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