Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be released in Two More Colors with New Camera

Galaxy Note 9, the recently released phones are one of the best you can get right now from the flagship market, and it does do what it says it does. Besides having a longer battery life, a bigger screen, and great onboard storage, Samsung also focused on improving the old S Pen, and now it is even more useful. Even though the price might be a little higher than you are used to, and your wallet might hurt afterwards, there is no better phone you can purchase right now. As any object un the world, this phone got is quirks too, but those can be overviewed by the overall great performance.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera

Samsung is not planning to stop manufacturing great and almost flawless phones with huge screens for us, and Note 9 is one obvious clue. It has a battery that lasts a lot, engages in a powerful performance, and its display is brilliant as well. However, the camera this phone is equipped with is not really wow, but the photos are good enough. Now with the upgraded S Pen, those doodles we used to get on its predecessors are now improved too. We can recklessly name this phone the best of the year.

The Note 9 is a great update which will satisfy a lot of users who have problems with their battery, while the new features of the S Pen might attract some other people in the Samsung love game. The only improvements this phone can get is the new Android Pie update and a modified Bixby. Putting those little things aside, we could not ask for more from this phone.

When the South Korean tech giant had finally launched the Galaxy Note 9 in the US a few weeks ago, Samsung fans were not pleased with the colors it came in. We would not have expected for Samsung to pass through the basic colors and stick directly to ocean blue and lilac (which look great too), but at least it tried giving its fans something else.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Sales

Now, if Samsung wants to keep its sales revenue as high as usual or get even more, they need to release a few more color options for the fans who are not keen on bright colors. In about two weeks, a Cloud Silver Note 9 will be available for buying from the and Best Buy, and if you want to get the Midnight Black Note 9, you will be able to get it from your usual retailers. If you want the Midnight Black one but you do not like the 128GB storage, a 512GB variant will also be available starting with 26th of October. The variants mentioned before can be purchased from 5th of October.

It is not the first time Samsung sprinkles in a few new colors just to get people to buy more than usual. One of these examples would be the gold S9 Plus and S9 which where released this summer. Before that, a red S9 was also available for China previously to the rest of the world. However, the initiative Samsung had, to make us see a little more color into our lives, was not bad at all. It is just the users who are used to getting boring colors.

In the end, both color fans and more conventional fans are happy with what Samsung did so why not just get our phones and shut up for once? Samsung is doing exactly what they can to make us own amazing phones that make our lives easier for good.

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