Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Google Pixel 3 XL – Powerful Specs and Improvements Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Google Pixel 3 XL – Powerful Specs and Improvements Comparison

The feud

Boasting a series of improvements the Pixel 3XL may be a serious competitor to the Note 8, unlike the 2XL vs. the Note 8. Google worked hard to improve the device, adding a host of desirable features that make the Pixel 3 XL a great device. Read below to learn how it stands up to the acclaimed Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Screen Time

Both devices offer a beautiful, luminous and color-rich screen. Samsung’s offering is just a tiny bit larger at 6.4-inch vs. the 6.3-inch display of the Google Pixel3 XL, but the difference is barely noticeable. The massive notch present on the Pixel 3 XL could have been smaller, but the screen real estate is generous and well balanced.

It is expected that Samsung would use the best for its own device, and the quad-HD Super AMOLED is a bit better in our opinion.

Camera contest

When it comes to taking that sweet picture, both devices offer a solid choice, each based on a different technology.

The Note 9 picks up the variable-aperture camera first introduced on the S9. The sensor is able to dynamically change between f/1.5 and f/ 2.4 in order to capture the best photo in any conditions, including variable speed, lightning or distance. Modeled after the human eye, the camera will instantly adapt to the conditions, just like our eyes do. Dual rear cameras will provide impressive photos and videos, including 4K quality.

Following the popularity of the Pixel 2, the camera present on the Pixel 3 XL is even better. Using a single 12.2MP camera with a fixed f/1.8 aperture, it also employs an improved Pixel Visual Chip in order to process photos. Google also relies on AI in order for the Pixel 3 XL to capture the best possible pictures. A new feature called Top Shot will take a series of rapid shots and automatically highlight the best one. Some think that another sensor would have been a good addition but the quality of the photos taken proves that one is enough if you know how to use it. Surprisingly, the Pixel 3 XL offers double front cameras, which nets you better selfies as a wide-angle camera will allow the whole gang to appear in the photos.

Processing power

With it comes to hardware the differences are a little bit more significant. Both devices sport the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, with the addition of the Pixel Visual Core in the case of the Google Pixel 3 XL.

Memory space

Samsung excels when it comes to sheer memory size. Google offers 4GB of RAM, while the base Note 9 model adds two more and a more expensive choice of 8GB. Samsung also wins when it comes to built-in in memory as the 128/512GB options certainly overtake the modest 64/128GB configurations presented by the Google.

What makes Samsung even more attractive is that even 512GB Note 9 offers a microSD slot, while the Pixel 3 XL has no expandable memory.

Turn on the music

The impressive sound is offered by both terminals. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 keeps the old 3.5mm jack, while Google has removed the beloved port and offers support for USB-C accessories.

Power numbers

While non-removable batteries have become the staple, the Note 9 has a larger battery at 4,000mAh when compared to the 3430m battery found in the Pixel 3 XL. Wireless charging is speedy and available for both terminals.

Tap to unlock

You can secure both devices by using a fingerprint sensor, and Samsung also offers an iris scanner for improved security (and FaceID vibes).

Pick your color

The Note comes in four available colors, depending on your taste: Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Cloud Silver and Lavender Purple. With a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, Google offers three choices: Just Black, Very White and Not Pink.


While both devices have their advantages and disadvantages, it’s hard to pick a winner.  What sets them apart can be narrowed to two wildly different features. In the case of the Google Pixel 3 XL, it’s the early software updates, which are guaranteed to come for a while, even after the release of the next model, as you can upgrade your Pixel 2 to Android Pie. Samsung has the S-Pen, a polyvalent tool that will make your life easier as it has a multitude of useful purposes.

You can choose either of the devices and enjoy a premium and worthy experience. It all comes to personal preference.

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