Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Galaxy S10: Which One Is Better

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Galaxy S10: Which One Is Better

Lots of new devices hit the market constantly. Samsung is among the good companies that produce excellent devices. But, as we know, in a group, there are always two that make the difference. In this case, we have – the Galaxy S10 device and the Galaxy Note 9 device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Processor

The Galaxy Note 9 comes together with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, with a storage worth of 512GB and a memory worth of 8GB. We have high hopes that the  Galaxy S10 will run around the same processor option, but we’ll find more at the Mobile World Congress, that’s going to take place in Barcelona in 2019.

We also have some pieces of rumors that say that the Galaxy S10 is going to get a triple-lens camera that’s going to be powered by Exynos 9820 CPU.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10 Specs

Galaxy S10 will get a fingerprint scanner, just like one from the Vivo X21. We’re guessing it’s going to be the same for Galaxy Tab S4, device that’s going to hit the market later in 2018.

We’ll also enjoy facial recognition, something similar to the FaceID that we find at Apple. However, we’re not quite sure how is going to work.

We found on the internet a leaked photo, that has shown us a bezel-less front screen (and we mean bezel-less). This means that they are able to hide all the sensors and cameras that the system needs, without actually having an impact on the shape or the display.

The Galaxy Note 9 will probably look similar to the 2017’s model, maybe with a few changes. What we know for sure is that there are really big upgrades for the S-Pen stylus. It’s been said that it will control music playback and that it will have Bluetooth, an inbuilt one, which will help you in making and receiving calls.  Also, we’ve seen a button placed on a cylindrical device. What we don’t know, is what that button is going to do: is it for Bluetooth or for the functionality of the speaker?

So which one is the best?

We think that there’s no reason in saying that you need to wait to see all the specs of these two devices before actually thinking about which one you should get. If the details leaked are indeed true, we might consider getting the stylus. What’s the point of a display without bezels if you’re not going to use it?



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