Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Get Android Pie Upgrade by Jan 15

It is now becoming quite certain that the Android Pie upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could arrive as early as on January 15. This is based on a list appearing in a Turkish website named Guncilmiyiz that carries the complete official schedule for releasing the OS upgrades to different models. It is supposed to be a calendar for the first quarter of 2019 and in January, only the Galaxy Note 9 is appearing. The Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 are pushed to February 15. These are all at the testing stage right now according to this table.

Android Pie Virtually Bugs Free

One reason the manufacturers of different brands/models of Android smartphones are quickly switching to the latest OS could be that Google has succeeded in releasing a near perfect OS version this time and devices which have received the updates already or have been released with the Android Pie OS are showing excellent performance all round, indicating that the OS, at least is not creating an issue. This year more devices appear to be upgrading to the OS released in October by around this time of the year than it was done in the earlier years.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android P

Several Changes Brought About in the New OS

The Android Pie version 9.0 operating system developed by Google and then worked on by Samsung to suit its smartphones has brought with it a large number of improvements in the device’s performance. There are changes in the way the notifications are displayed and managed. Samsung has made changes to the UI to make the user experience much better than before. The upgrade to Pie will allow you to use Unicode 11.0 emojis on your smartphone. Some cosmetic changes, like the keyboard color to match with the app you are working on etc. have been added.

While charging the device you are informed how much time remains to full charge. Some changes have been made to Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby as well, though some customers have flagged some issues. The camera settings receive an update with the addition of a new visual intelligence feature.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 receiving the update on January 15 and the other models by February 15, a large population of the high-end Samsung phones will be on the latest OS. Check in your country or your service provider if you are yet to receive the upgrade.

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