Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to Fight With iPhone X and Xiaomi Flagship

Since Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is only one month away from being released, it is about time that we start to compare its specs to other top phones from huge brands that are available on the market. We are doing this purely to get an idea of how would the smartphone compare to other devices and if the fact that it is newer on the market will make its specs better than those of previous devices. The competition right now will probably be against iPhone X, its predecessor, the Note 8 and probably Xiaomi as well, since the Chinese way is slowly carving a place for itself at the top.

Before we start making our argument, we would like to mention the fact that these specs are only based on rumors and that Samsung has not officially confirmed anything as of yet but we can expect most of this information to turn out to be the truth.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. iPhone X

If we want to compare the Note 9 to any iPhone, we will struggle with the fact that iPhone does not have stylus support as the Note series does. However, we wanted to start with iPhone X since most people consider it to be one of the best smartphones available on the market as of yet. Most of the specs of the Note 9 outdo does of the iPhone X. However, the competition is not fair since Apple’s device came out last year. We would have to wait to see 2018’s iPhone X in order to see the difference.

Note 9 vs. Note 8

Once the Note 9 will officially be released the price tag for the Note 8 will drop down considerably which means that if the Note 9 is very similar to the Note 8, Samsung will have some substantial trouble in their sales department for their newest device. The fact that the price tag and the specs are somewhat similar will mean that the South Korean company will have to come with a special surprise in order to sway buyers.

Note 9 vs. Xiaomi

Since Xiaomi is starting to make better and better smartphones on the market, it is only noteworthy that we compare one of its best smartphones to the Note 9. Overall we can see that most of the specs of the Note 9 are obviously better than those of Xiaomi which leads us to wonder when will the Chinese company break from the success that they have in their own country and become an internationally well-known brand.

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