Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be the Most Expensive Device

We already know Galaxy Note 9 is not going to be cheap and that might give a reason why Samsung wants to dismiss the Note series. However, the South Korean company confirmed some extraordinary upgrades on their next phone.

Samsung has posted a series of three commercial in which it shows the public how upgraded the next Note will be. Some of its improvements make it be the best out of all smartphones in three categories.

The most substantial battery on a phone

Samsung’s first commercial Dubbed “Battery can’t keep up?”. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will receive the biggest battery a Samsung smartphone has ever got, a massive 4,000 mAh battery. Even though we have only heard rumors for a while, Samsung confirms this.

The phone with the storage

The second commercial says  “Never have enough storage?”, Samsung comes with a solution.

Before starting to mainly rely on the microSD card because of small storage in 2015, Samsung Galaxy phones would be loaded with as much memory as possible. Contrary to this, the giant tech kept manufacturing colossal smartphone storage capacities in order to sell them to Apple and other rivals.

But, this year, Samsung will make the Galaxy Note 9 the king of storage with the ability to support a microSD card of 1TB beside the 512GB intern memory.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 performs the fastest

“Phone too slow?” is the name of Samsung’s last teaser which shows off the performance of Samsung Note 9. The giant tech’s new phone comes with an 8GB RAM making it the first mass-market Galaxy to have such a RAM.

Even though other brands such as OnePlus launches 8GB RAM phones, Samsungs’ beats them all. Because the redesigned S Pen will need more memory to make the phone better and it is included.

A little disadvantage

After Samsung accidentally leaking information about Galaxy Note 9, we already know how majestic this phone will be, but it comes with a small disappointment. Unfortunately, even though it will not cost $2000, the phone’s price will still be too much compared to Apple’s iPhones.

However, the value of a smartphone is set by how much the buyer is going to give and trust me; it is worth every penny.

And if this model ends the Note series, it will stand out with what made it the best since the beginning, making everything absolutely massive…

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