Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS Max – Which One is Better?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 or iPhone XS Max – Which One is Better?

As Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max were the most awaited flagship phones for this year and everybody knows the rivalry between Apple and Samsung, we must asses these two phones and provide you with a comparison that might be helpful in case you want to purchase one of these two devices.

How are the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max similar?

A similarity everyone would see is that they are both big phones. The Samsung flagship measures 9.4 inches, and the Apple one is 0.1 inches larger than its rival. They are both equipped with Super AMOLED screens while the number of PPI and pixels is better in the Note 9.

Another similarity would be their wight as both are weighing 7 grams, so they are in the same weight category. Both these phones feature a glass back and can support wireless charging. Besides that, both are dust and waterproof with the IP68 rating, but you should still not take your Note 9 or iPhone XS Max swimming.

How is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max different?

The similarities they have are not so numerous as the differences. The operating system is one of the most critical. The Note 9 is running on Android along with not so much skinning by Samsung. The apps Samsung provides are not bad, but the Android marketplace is like a free-for-all concept. This operating system is even more vulnerable than the iOS the iPhone XS Max is running on. It is equipped with Apple’s own operating system and more specifically with the latest version, iOS 12. This operating system is more inward-looking and seems like a closed garden, but it is more secure and safer for you.

The processor is also another big difference. The Note 9 has a powerful processor, the Exynos 9810, but in comparison with Apple’s A12 Bionic is pales aways. The iPhone XS Max is equipped with this 7nm chip which gives Apple the title for making the fastest phone available nowadays.

When it comes to daily usage, buyers do not see a big difference between these two phones especially if they are not working on AI or AR apps which we must mention that the iPhone offers better speeds at. However, the Note 9 still has twice as iPhone’s 4GB RAM.

A category where the Note 9 is many times better than the iPhone XS Max is its storage. Even though both phones offer you the possibility to have a 512GB version, the Note 9 also allows you to expend the phone’s memory by providing a microSD slot.

We can finally talk about the camera now. Both phones have the same 12MP telephoto and 12MP wide dual camera setup. On paper, it does not look like a big difference from their predecessors, but we can see a difference in the pictures themselves. After shooting one object with both phones, we came to a conclusion.

The Note 9 makes the colors of the object pop out and be vibrant, but the pictures iPhone XS Max takes are more natural and subtle. Samsung’s phones are the best at taking pictures when the light is not great, and iPhone XS Max does well with pinks and red. When it comes to what changes the picture, it must be the processing that goes into them because the hardware is the same.

Best feature from both the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy Note 9

We talked about differences, similarities but now it is time to analyze what makes this phones worth your dollars. That one thing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is its S-Pen Stylus. This one little gadget incorporated into the phone makes a difference if you are a business person, benefit that the iPhone XS Max will not give you. Samsung’s stylus is considered the best and so would you if you test it.

Now that we provided you with all this information, you must know which one to choose. In case you already purchased one of these phones, you have got a confirmation whether it was the best decision or not.

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