Samsung Galaxy Note 9 offers the best Gear VR experience on the market

The giant South Korean company revealed a few days ago the most awaited Note device of the series, Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Even though the Gear VR was not really a point of focus, we still know that the headset powered by Oculus will be supported by the new flagship phone.

The current iteration of the Gear will be supported by the Note 9, according to Samsung’s confirmation given to Upload VR. However, it will need an adapter for it. The actual version of the Note is even more significant than its predecessor measuring an extraordinary 6.4 inches. Also though we are not surprised by this change, if you already have a Gear kit, you can get the adapter needed for free after giving a call to 1-800-SAMSUNG.

What to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The most you will benefit from the Note 9 is its battery life. It is now the most battery friendly phone Samsung has ever launched. If you want your phone to be powered by a Snapdragon 845 chipset manufactured by Qualcomm, you will need to purchase the 512 GB version of the flagship which also boasts an impressive 8GB RAM. The RAM of the 126 GB version will be 6GB. Putting it all into one sentence, you will be able to run any app on your phone as long as it is available in the Gear VR store.

More specific details

Regarding its battery, the Note 9 will come with a 4000mAh one, making you VR experience last even longer. As for the 512 GB version, you will be able to get over 1TB of space if you use expandable storage.

Besides the battery, the new golden S-Pen has a good game as well. It can be used as a remote control. Furthermore, Bixby, Samsung’s Google Assistant alternative, was improved so now there is a broader range of conversational opportunities.

If you want to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you will need to wait until 24th of August.

The cost of the 512GB version we have talked about will be of $1,249.99 while the 128GB edition will cost $999.99.

Choose wisely!

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