Samsung Galaxy Note 9 New Leaks Show In-Display Biometrics Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 New Leaks Show In-Display Biometrics Rumors

Based on some new leaked images, it looks like Samsung might not be ready for in-display biometrics yet. The images that are now out are showing two different colors for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9: blue and purple. As far as we can see, the recently leaked images are pretty much corresponding to what we were suspecting so far.

What do these images tell us?

The smartphone illustrated in these images has a glass back with two camera lenses and a LED, as well as a full-sized, curved display. Additionally, it seems that there is also a fingerprint sensor under the rear cameras of the phone, contrary to what we knew from what a well-respected leaker mentioned earlier this year.

What does this mean? Well, this is not such good news for the fans, as it suggests that Samsung has not really listened to the feedback that was provided by its customers in relation to the last devices. There is no news that people have made a lot of complaints about the fact that the fingerprint sensor was placed too close to the camera, which obviously results in a good deal of smudging on the lenses.

Will Samsung make any changes in the future?

We know by now that at the beginning of 2019, Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be launched, which gives us some hope for the future. Fans of the South Korean company would definitely like to see some changes applied to the mobile device that will become available next year, especially some adjustments made to the location of the fingerprint sensor.

At the moment, it is believed that Galaxy S10 will be available in three distinct models. There may be a budget-friendly model, which will have its fingerprint sensor on the side of the phone. However, the standard and premium versions would supposedly have in-display fingerprint sensor technology. Unfortunately, as it was illustrated before, these assumptions don’t always come close to reality. So how much can we actually trust these predictions? We don’t know for sure, as they are not always reliable. We certainly need to wait for more news about S10 in order to find out.

Nonetheless, it does look like some people think that they already know more or less what features Galaxy Note 10 will have. It is expected for the mobile device to have 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, together with IP68 water and dust resistance and iris recognition.

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