Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launches with over 50% Preorders for the Top-of-the-line Model

It’s hard to believe that, for a phone that sells for prices ranging from 1000$ to 1250$, more than 50% of the preorders have been sent for the most expensive version. The base model only features 128GB of internal storage and 6GB of RAM, while the best model available rocks a whopping 512GB capacity and 8GB of RAM. This data came from a report made in South Korea and does not concern any other country where the device is scheduled to sell.

First models will get into the hands of customers who have preordered it starting from yesterday on August 24. One major mobile phone retailer in South Korea has indeed confirmed that most customers went all in and purchased the most expensive model of the phone. For even more dazzle, the manufacturers have included a slot for up to 512GB of extra storage.

One other detail that the data report has provided is the fact that the most popular color sold was blue. The preorders have already exceeded those of the less-than-expected Galaxy S9, which launched in March, this year. Curiously, despite these numbers, the data report also provides the information that the number of terminals preordered last year, before the launch of Note 8, exceeds the numbers preordered this year with the Note 9.

Why buy the new version?

The greatest thing for manufacturers to overcome when trying to sell new devices is the fact that innovation is a great challenge these days. Innovation is hard to come by, most devices these days bringing nothing new to consumers. Therefore, consumers are not encouraged to spend money on new phones, as long as the old one does almost exactly the same things as one they would probably find themselves spending a fortune on.

On that account, despite the looks of the Note 8 and the Note 9 are very similar, hardware underneath the covering elements differs by a lot, one of the key differences being the much superior Snapdragon 845 processor that equips the Note 9.

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