Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Latest Ideas – Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Latest Ideas – Pros and Cons

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 got equipped with everything we would want to see in a phone, and also with every new technology Samsung could have thought of, all in a quite expensive package. With that being said, it truly is the best Android phone you can get at the moment, but it has some disadvantages as well.

If you want to get this phone, it would be better to analyze both sides of the story before spending $1,000 or more on this phone. Here is what you should keep in mind, the pros and cons.

The Pros

The display

The Galaxy Note 9’s screen, as we would expect from Samsung’s popular OLED panels, reaches beyond our expectations. The 1440p OLED is colorful, bright, and sharp. You can read no matter how bad the lighting is outside, and your retinas will not e seared in dark places either. According to DisplayMate, which tested the display of Note 9, the accuracy of the color functions perfectly based on how the human eye sees it. Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 are in this category too.

The accessory ecosystem

Every time you buy a phone, it is not the only thing you do. You also buy a place in an accessory ecosystem. That means that once you have a new phone, you will be tempted to buy it a case, screen protectors, charging docks, and other such things that are not included in the phone’s box and which can improve your experience. Because Note 9 is popular, the network of products created for it is not small at all. Screen protectors fit better, more cases options are available, and you can also get professionally made by Samsung VR headsets and fast wireless chargers.

The new S Pen

The S Pen defines the Note series, so this year we were delighted to find out that the integrated stylus is now better. You can draw and jot down notes with the pressure-sensitive input of the S Pen, as it now has a Bluetooth connection and can be paired with the phone. The button from the S Pen can act as a slide controller, camera shutter, and some other more. Its battery offers 10 minutes of Bluetooth activity, but it would still work for the screen input afterwards. The supercapacitor of the S Pen gets fully recharged if it gets 20-30 seconds back into the phone.

The Cons


Samsung has always been trying to improve their voice assistant, and even though they are more familiar with the concept, Google’s Assistant is better. The Note 9 has the Bixby voice assistant, but it is considered useless. It does not have smart home integrations, and the way it answers questions is just not what we would have wanted. Bixby can easily be opened by accident as it has a dedicated button, and once you have it open, it is hard to get out of there.

The not-so-Quick Charge

The Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with a 4,000mAh battery which is 1,000mAh more powerful than its predecessor. However, the problem is that it does not charge faster. Samsung has been stuck for years with the Quick Charge 2.0 speeds while other manufacturers improved that. Even though this phone does not charge slowly, it kind of hurts when you give $1,000 on it, and it has less than 18W in charging.

The software

Even though Android 9 Pie has been released and phones are already being updated with it, the Note 9 sticks with the Android 8.1 Oreo. That is not usual for Samsung, and it is a shame that as a buyer you will need to wait a few months until that gets implemented just to get annoyed by the Samsung Experience UI. It has too many features, and you do not have time to use them all.

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