Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Not as Popular as Believed

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Not as Popular as Believed

The latest flagship smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9 is definitely a good-looking device and it features high-end features. Even when compared to last year’s model, the progress can clearly be observed; a larger display, more storage, better cameras and more battery power.

So, what’s wrong?

It used to be that, not too long ago, when Samsung, the largest manufacturer of smartphones, released a new product, every tech aficionado would want to grab onto it. Fast-forward to the present and we can see that the response is definitely up to those standards. Last week, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 9 without too many ripples in the pond. 

The fault isn’t with the device itself, not at all. It may be the price because $1699 might cause some people to say ‘no, thanks’. It may just be the fact that people are getting more and more used to this and they became less responsive.

State of the art isn’t enough anymore

The device is superb. It combines a handsome design with top-notch specs. You can observe a clear evolution from last year’s Galaxy Note, having more storage capabilities, new and better cameras, a larger display and increased battery life. It should have sold like hotcakes.

However, we have to realize the fact that amazing tech isn’t enough anymore to really make an impression on people. There’s only so much we can see before we get used with it. Smartphone apathy is slowly but steadily becoming the norm and we might not have a cure for it, yet.

It shouldn’t be too surprising. Remember, over the last decade, since the first smartphone came out and until now, there have been hundreds of models. In the beginning, you really had to stand out to sell your product, so everybody made their as good as possible but we will arrive at a time when something will drastically have to change.



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