Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Earphone Jack, Double Cameras and S-Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be launched very soon. While it might offer a few astonishments for its client, expect to continue on the line seen between Galaxy S9 and S8, i.e. incremental changes. It will, obviously, have a marginally greater screen and UI upgrades.

The first tweet that invited individuals to the release on the ninth of August guaranteed a yellow/gold S-Pen. In any case, from that point forward, the above picture has been spilled by none other than Samsung. The New Zealand Samsung site ‘inadvertently’ launched the above picture offering pre-orders.

What to expect from the Galaxy Note 9?

In light of the picture over, a couple of things are self-evident:

  • An earphone jack;
  • The S-Pen;
  • Double Cameras.

A unique finger scanner underneath the camera?

In light of gossips and data, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a similar glass and metal, looking like the Note 8, and the S-pen area will be at the base of the right corner. The new smartphone would be bigger due to the fact that it has a 6.38-inch screen, with a super AMOLED touchscreen with a determination of 1440 x 2960 pixels.


There was talk that the Note 9 would be the primary Samsung phone to have a unique finger reader in the screen. However, the spot of the unique mark sensor on the new smartphone might be moved from vertical to flat.


Respecting the product, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will keep running on Android P. New photographs recommend the smartphone may come in silver, blue, copper or violet colors.

Battery and Camera

The smartphone will come with a double camera: a 12-megapixel essential camera and an optional 12-megapixel one with 2x visual zoom. The primary change to the phone might be its battery limit of 4,000mAh when contrasted with its ancestor that has 3,000mAh battery. Remote charging and fast charging ought to likewise be accepted.

Will it be the last one?

There are gossips who say it might be the last Note. While we don’t know that for sure but a few patterns may recommend this. The Galaxy S series is presently truly huge, and you may discover the Note transform into an S Plus or comparable sort of model, which just accompanies a few additional items. What might be extremely amazing is if the S-Pen turns into an integrated portion of the Galaxy S series.

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