Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Debuting Innovative Features as it Goes Head to Head with iPhones in 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Debuting Innovative Features as it Goes Head to Head with iPhones in 2018

It’s the extra large smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9 that is back in the news. Samsung has recently certified two variants of the Galaxy Note 9 and the listing in the CMIIT, China Ministry of Industry & Information Technology offers some details about the models.

Two Models Listed

Samsung regularly offers two major releases typically in a year. One is the Galaxy Note and the other one, the latest Galaxy S. With both the S9 and the S9+ available on the shelves, attention is now being turned to the Note 9.

The two models spotted in the CMIIT listings are the SM-N9600 and the SM N9608. The first model, the SM N9600 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 version, whereas the second one SM-9608 is Samsung’s Exynos 9810 core.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exynos 9810

A Dutch website, LetsGoDigital, has spotted the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 listings in the CMIIT recently.

Top Specs Leaks

Leaks from Tom’s guide suggest that the Galaxy Note 9 will be coming with a large screen and a heavier battery. The display could be about 6.4 inches. This is a slight increase from the current 6.3 inches seen on the Galaxy Note 8.

The battery is supposed to be beefier this time around, with a 4000 mAh power.

In Display Fingerprint Reading Feature

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 In Display Fingerprint Feature

Earlier, there were rumors that Samsung had no plans for placing fingerprint sensor beneath the display for the Galaxy Note 9. This was news from Ming Chi Kuo.

However, the latest rumors say that Samsung is going ahead with the In display fingerprint reading feature, by integrating the fingerprint sensor with the display of the Galaxy Note 9. The feature has become a necessity for Samsung.

Most of the details regarding the design of the device have to be finalized about five months before the launch of the device for a flagship Samsung smartphone. It is expected that the Galaxy Note 9 will hit the stores around July or August this year, so the design should have been theoretically decided by now.

More Expensive

By selecting the In-display fingerprint reading, Samsung will be able to remain unique from other Chinese smartphone manufacturers, such as Huawei. The Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as the Galaxy Note 8 has fingerprint sensors beneath the camera module and not beside it. The same is being repeated for the Galaxy S9.

Such an in-display fingerprint sensor is more expensive as compared to Face ID technology, as offered by Apple in their latest iPhones. However, Samsung may not be much affected by the cost, as the number of units being sold is only about 10 million as far as its Galaxy Note smartphones are concerned.

Galaxy Note 8

Smart Move

When the sensor is placed at the rear of the phone, the manufacturer is able to keep the battery size under control. According to Korea Herald, Samsung has decided to add the next generation fingerprint readers. The sensor will be kept under the screen/display and not at the back of the phone or at the bottom in the front part of the smartphone. The latter tends to reduce the display size.

However, earlier rumors suggested that Samsung would not be incorporating them in display fingerprint sensor for its Galaxy Note 9. Hence, due to the back and forth nature of rumors, it cannot be said for sure whether the in display sensor will be present on the Note 9. If the sensors are not able to meet the requirements of the company, the technology might not be used for the Galaxy Note 9 and might be delayed for use on the Galaxy S10 instead.

Galaxy Note 9

Adopting New Technology

The decision for the fingerprint sensor being an in display one will depend on the cost and the expectations. According to sources, Samsung’s panel manufacturing subsidiary is attempting to improve the technology for fingerprint scanning.

After these requirements are fulfilled, Samsung will probably be ready to move into this new fingerprint sensor technology for the Note 9, before it attempts it on its flagship phones. Earlier, Samsung had moved into the curved display for the Galaxy Round and the Note Edge. It soon followed it up with a full-screen display of sorts on its flagship phone Galaxy S9.

Dual Aperture for Rear Camera

Samsung already introduced the dual camera rear setup for the Galaxy Note 8, so we are sure to see the same on the Note 9 as well. The Note 9 will probably come with a 12 MP rear camera, which is capable of switching from one aperture to another. One aperture is an f/1.5, whereas the other is an f/2.4.

The secondary camera will have a resolution of 12 MP and it will have a 2x zoom along with bokeh photographs. AR Emoji is also part of the camera package along with super slow motion videos. It is expected that the recording resolution on the Note 9 will be higher than the one on the Samsung Galaxy S9 currently available.

Galaxy Note 9 Camera

Expected Launch Date

Earlier, there were rumors that the Galaxy Note 9 would be released sometime in September this year. This was based on previous releases, as the Galaxy Note 8 was released at the same time in 2017. However, reports coming in through The Investor speculate that the launch could be much earlier.

Earlier Launch

According to the above source, Samsung has met with a lower than expected demand for its Galaxy S9. To address this shortage of its smartphone sales, the company will probably launch the Galaxy Note 9 a little earlier in July or in August this year.

Another reason for an early launch would be that in this way Samsung would be able to avoid a direct sales competition with rival Apple’s next iPhones for 2018, as Apple usually launches its new iPhones in September every year.

Typically, Samsung begins manufacturing of its OLED panels to go into its Note devices sometime in June. However, there are rumors that Samsung will be doing this much earlier this year. It is expected to start producing the OLED panels shortly, thereby adding another factor pointing towards an early release this year.



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